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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BREASTS… a blogger beat-down

BREASTS… a blogger beat-down
A week or so back I got into a tet-a-tet with a fellow blogger about different ways to describe breasts.  Some might describe this back and forth discussion as a bit immature.  As I am over 65 and this other person, a Mr. uldogSa* is also somewhat long of tooth, it struck me as kind of funny that two old farts could still get a bit giddy over this subject.

It started when this softball catching, talented writer resorted to third grade humor by referring in a post to a parade of naked women as “Troops of Titties.”

I corrected his terminology stating that the correct phrase in this situation would have been a “Bevy of Boobs.”

This started the tet-a-tet, or tit-a-tit of one phrase emails:

uldogSa:  A Murder of Melons!

Cranky: A bonanza of bazooms!

uldogSa: A Nibble of Nipples!

Cranky: A Gaggle of Gonzogas!

uldogSa: A Slew of Silicon!

Cranky: A Taste of Tata’s!

uldogSa: A Pride of Pom-pom’s!

Cranky: A Jiggle of Jugs!

uldogSa: A Covey of Coconuts!

Cranky: A Combine of Cantaloupes!

uldogSa: A Host of Hooters!

We finally ended the back and forth…one can only be so immature…plus we ran out of Breast terminology!

A Platoon of Pontoons!

I don’t know about uldogSa, but I plan to grow up next year.


*Name is changed to protect the reputation of an actual talented writer who can be found @ .


  1. Where was that conversation and how did I miss it?
    I could've added a battery of bazookas.

  2. Grow up? Why? "Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional."


  3. A "match of mammaries" for those of us who have used these for one of the primary purposes.

  4. I do the same thing with guy's bottoms ... front and back. no really cute names though ... women call it as we see it ~ but then we're born more mature and we mature more maturely.... so no need for cutesy

    just a simple... my my hung very well m'man.... or love how those cute little flappy shorts flap while jogging on that guy's lovely little tight bottom.

    Can you pick this up for me please... ? or, smooooth chest and a sigh... you see that salsa ad?

    need no speedos though unless you're David Beckham... good lord! did you see his underwear ad? man

  5. A fun post, even though it's hard to concentrate on reading after looking at that fine picture.

  6. NSFW! This one would surely get the school bus. That's the screen that pops up for the firewall thingy that prevents improper pages from displaying at work. It's a yellow school bus with the red STOP sign out.

    Good thing I don't read blogs at work. And that it's summer and I have time to read blogs.

  7. Her bra doesn't fit right, but I'm pretty sure men don't care... lol

    @ Carolyn- I know what you mean.

    Guys- Us women look too only we may or may not be as descreet about it. Sunglasses don't do squat to hide it when your mouth is gaping open at an OMG! kind of hottie.

  8. From an old (but certainly not mature) woman's point of view, may I submit:

    A battery of bad boys,
    An order of one-eyed wonder worms,
    A passel of pricks,
    A school of schlongs, &
    A wealth of wieners.

    You're welcome!!

  9. Sort of re-defines "mature" for you doesn't it Joe?

  10. I resent the implication that I might mature. And, Fishducky? It's about time someone of your sex compiled a list. Might I suggest a Division of Dicks?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Suldog and Fishducky- let us Please not forget or overlook-

    A Plethora of Peckers!



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