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Saturday, July 27, 2013



In the summer of 1958, a twelve year old Cranky was visiting his Uncle Jack and Cousins Johnny and Dex.  My Uncle was a big man, over 300 pounds with a laugh to match his size.  It was on this visit that I first heard the recording.

My Aunt Sally had gone shopping, and Uncle Jack asked if anyone wanted to hear a funny record.  We all of course said yes, and Uncle Jack proceeded to pull out a small 78 record hidden inside a volume of Compton’s Encyclopedia. 

“Do not tell Aunt Sally, or your folks,” I was admonished by Uncle Jack, “this is a bootleg record.”

Now I was excited.  A bootleg record; was it even legal to listen to such a recording?  Uncle Jack said nothing as he queued up the record and placed the needle on the bootleg disc.

What followed was shocking to a lad that had been raised by WASPS.  Raised by a family of adults who had never uttered a curse word in my presence, always appeared very proper and certainly were not the type to listen to potty humor.

The bootleg recording was produced in 1946 in Canada by two sportscasters as a goof.  Apparently they made several copies, but it was not for distribution.  The recording was copied again and again on disc and reel to reel tape.  It was distributed underground and played in dark rooms and back alleys around the world.

I about peed my pants listening to this record.  It was years later before I ever discussed it with anyone.  It was a bootleg recording.  Was it illegal?  It was just wrong…wasn’t it?

I later met many people who had also heard this recording and also had about peed their pants.  This recording was the earliest example of something gone viral; quietly, and whispered in the dark, viral.

Thanks to the internet I have rediscovered the recording.  If you are immature, and enjoy potty humor, sit back, hit play, and enjoy the blow by blow description of the contest between the champion Englishman Lord Windesmear, and the challenger, Australian Paul Boomer as they compete in:

The Great Crepitation Contest!

It is a bit long, 15 minutes.

Paul Boomer and Lord Windesmear at the farting pole


  1. My brother and his friend apparently had many farting contests in private, which they did not hesitate to describe to willing listeners. I may have to hit play.

  2. since i'm still sipping my coffee this morning, i think i'll pass. but i liked your 'first going viral' memory. :)

  3. Scandalous!

    I don't eat cabbage, and the world is a better place because of it. ;)


  4. I'm sure it's a gas, but I think I'll pass. Having been a teacher all these many years, I have reached my maximum level of tootelage. The cafeteria serves chili one day, and chili dogs the next, which is cruel and unusual punishment for the faculty.

    What I have never understood is how adolescent boys are able to cut the cheese on cue.

  5. I love cabbage, and I have much to apologize for.

  6. No way! Seriously? That's just plain awesome.

  7. HA! I must confess a sophisticated appreciation for flatulence humor. This video is priceless.

  8. I also grew up in a similar WASP household, 1950's Dedham, MA. Stuffed away amongst the few albums my parents had was "The Contest" . My brothers and I would sneak a listen often. We knew it must have originated from our Uncle Bill.

    This brings back many fond memories. Thank you.


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