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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



The following is the opinion of a cranky old man for Cranky Opinion Saturday.

Opposing opinions are welcome (wrong, but welcome) and please, no name calling and that means you, you big stupid-head!

Oops! Posted early by mistake, so I guess Cranky Opinion Saturday comes on a Thursday this week.


New York City is set to elect a new mayor.  Our (anyone in the tri-state area considers NYC as “OUR” city) current three term mayor, Mayor Bloomberg, is declining to run for a fourth term.

The current leader in the polls is Anthony Weiner.  Mr. Weiner is a career politician.  He is an excellent campaigner, an intelligent man, he has done some positive things in public service and embraces all the politically correct issues that anyone seeking office in NYC needs to embrace.

Mr. Weiner has also been exposed exposing himself.  In 2011, Mr. Weiner sent explicit text pictures and messages to several women, all while his wife was expecting their first child.  Anthony stepped down as a congressman due to the ensuing scandal, apologized to his wife and his constituency, and slunk into obscurity for two years.

Now Anthony Weiner is back, and just now more explicit sexting messages and pictures are being brought to the public eye.  These messages were sent in August 2012, one year after he apologized to his wife and constituency for his previous indiscretions and momentary lack of judgment.  Anthony Weiner’s sexting name is “Carlos Danger.”

Anthony Weiner is still the leading candidate in the polls for becoming the next mayor of New York.  Apparently many New York voters believe that what a person does in his personal life should not affect his performance in public life.

After all, what difference does it make? 

If Anthony Weiner picked his nose in his private life and his wife did not care, then screw it, let him be mayor.  If Anthony Weiner scratched his nuts in his private life, then screw it, let him become mayor.  If Anthony Weiner smoked pot but never inhaled, screw it, let him be mayor.  If Anthony Weiner watches girl on girl porn in his private life, screw it, let him be mayor.

I draw the line at texting pictures of your genitals to multiple women while your wife is pregnant.  It indicates a lack of judgment, it indicates a disregard for personal relationships, it indicates a weak person, a vane person, a mixed up person, and it indicates a person is an asshole.

New York is a great city.  New York has a history of great mayors; LaGuardia who invented the Airport, Wagner who invented the paint sprayer, Koch who invented “How’m I doin,” Dinkins, who invented…ok Dinkins was not so great, but Giuliani cleaned up after Dinkins and was heroic during the 911 terrorist attacks, and current Mayor Bloomberg, who even though he is a little wacky regarding cigarettes and soft drinks has been an outstanding mayor.

From the history of all these great mayors, is my city really going to elect a man that no one would allow to baby sit their children, a man with no self-respect, a man who doesn’t have the decency to remain under a rock out of the public eye, a man who is an asshole?

Is my city really going to elect as its mayor a man who has texted pictures of his penis to multiple different women while his own wife was pregnant with and even after his first child was born? Are we really going to elect “Carlos Danger?”

God I hope not. 

It’s bad enough that New Jersey bars have gotten away with selling dirty water as booze, how much more shame can I endure?

Please New York City; don’t elect an asshole as mayor!

The preceding has been the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.        


  1. Mayor Danger sounds better then Mayor Weiner. I vote he changes his name legally. Glad I will be able to say I do not vote for him.

  2. Totally agreed.... this guy's an asshole... And besides, his real name sounds kinkier than his Sexting name.... Carlos Danger... Or Weiner's Weiner... ???

  3. He's so blatant with his sexting because he knows nothing is going to happen to him....the evidence won't stand up in court.

    Sounds like he's missing an opportunity to cash in on his fame: "I don't show my weiner to just anyone, but when I do, I show it on a Samsung."


  4. he's lowering the bar for all future politicos as we'll come to accept and expect it from now on.

  5. I'm glad I'm a West Coast fishducky!!

  6. I'm not a New York voter but I would have been inclined to forgive him---the first time. Now I wouldn't vote for him unless the other choice was too despicable to consider.

  7. I hate to say this but I'm imagining 75% of NYC voters picking their noses and scratching their nuts, while photographing their private parts and sending them to various women, then saying, "Yeah, that Weiner dude gets my vote. Ain't nothing wrong with him. He's kinda cool." In which case, NYC deserves Weiner as their mayor.

    I personally hope you don't elect him, because I agree, he's an asshole and can't possibly think to the betterment of NYC when he's too busy admiring his other head.

  8. Heehee! You said "Mr. Weiner." I live nowhere near New York, and I don't drink, but if Weiner's elected, I'll need a stiff shot of dirty water.

    I forgave my man Bill Clinton for his indiscretions, and his lying. But for some reason, I just can't stomach Weiner.

  9. Ugh. I'd never knowingly vote for a guy like that. He has no morals. And his wife should kick him to the curb. He's a cheater in my eyes. Or at least on his way to being one.

  10. I agree. Weiner acts like his first name is Seymour, and personally, I'd just as soon see a lot LESS of him in the news. He's an embarrassment. The sad thing is he might get elected.

  11. I hadn't thought about the "kid" factor. You're right... I wouldn't let him babysit mine if they were still young, and wouldn't let him be around them, unaccompanied by me, now that they are teens. Actually, if I were having dinner with him, it would be hard to "not" see Carlos Danger. However, images of Monica Lewinski are gone when I see President Clinton, so maybe Weiner has a chance to change his image. Though, still thinking here... Clinton had a fling with a real person; Weiner, with a ... Oh, just let me stop before I dig myself into a hole.


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