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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



Is there one really smart person out there?  I need an app!  There is an app to tune your guitar, an app to pick up chicks, an app to find a restaurant or a motel.  If you want it there is an app for it…except…

Every day I get multiple emails from Adriana21.  Apparently this young lady has seen my picture on Facebook and she wants to have sex with me.  If I want to get in touch with her to have sex I need to send her my SS #, my birth date  and the account numbers of all my bank accounts. 

Every hour my blog gets multiple hits from the same internet address in Russia.

Will someone please invent an app that allows me to block emails and or blog hits from a specified IP Address?  I want to block Adriana21 and bounce her message right back to her.  If she is bothering other handsome men she finds on Facebook, and I suspect she just might be doing so, and her emails are blocked and returned by all these irresistible men she will have to deal with computer overload!

If these Russian a-holes are spamming other bloggers and I suspect they are and their spam gets sent right back to them it just might knock them off line. 

Please, how hard is it to design such an app? 

The return message should be:

“I’m rubber you’re glue, all your spam bounces off me and sticks to you…dickhead!” 


  1. On the upper right side of a message ... hover your cursor and you will see an arrow ~ click on it and the menu offers ... Follow Post; Hide; Report Story or Spam...

    The arrow is invisible until you hover your cursor... haven't a clue why...

  2. oh also .. if it's in the form of a comment which I guess that's what she does... do the same thing on her comment... you will see an x ... click on this and this will appear
    This comment has been hidden.

    Block XXX
    Give XXX feedback

  3. An anti-Adriana21 app (and anti-all of her ilk) would for sure be a big hit. I hope you find someone to develop it for you...and all of us.

  4. She's hot for me, too. She must be just insatiable! Luckily my email automatically sweeps her persistent begging for my bod straight to spam. No worry.


  5. Adriana21 has been cheating on me?

    LIAR! She promised me she was hot for ME ONLY.

    As for the Russians, I thought we were friends with them now. I know we used to threaten to bomb them and stuff, but aren't they all like really nice guys now? Bob Kraft gave them a Super Bowl ring, after all.

  6. ok I'm done after this one, yeah I am. I need to have coffee before reading blogs ~ especially yours ~ facetiousness or seriousness …

    As I've read the subsequent comments that come in email form, I realize I obviously misunderstood about ol Adriana21 ... you can block an IP address… you do know that… ? go to your control panel… oh, I don't know if you really …

    don't need no dang app

  7. Sign me up, too---for the app not the girl. I also get lots of visits from Russia. Is that where the spam is coming from?

  8. Adriana21 leaves me alone. Instead I get Authur89. Apparently I only attract the 89 year olds who have the hots for the 44-year -old-mother- of-ten-housewive types like me. Hmmm.

    Where's my Antonio21? Not fair.

  9. She's after me, too--but I don't swing both ways. I'm not sure why she wants me--maybe she thinks I placed an ad for one of those Viagra or penis extender ads I keep getting!!

  10. Apparently, she finds me repulsive. Nary a contact, and only five total files in my spam folder. However, I had a Russian-accented chick call my home phone and ask for a guy who's a nearby neighbor. How does THAT work? He would be disappointed to find out I hung up on her without responding.

  11. I'm pretty sure it's Putin. Usually, you can get rid of these things as Carolyn said above. I tried, but she uses different e-mails every day. If you try to block her, she returns tomorrow like Fatal Attraction.

  12. She's hot for me as well.

    Apparently Adrianna is pretty lonesome or desperate and hasn't figured out how to take matters into her own hands? I mean, afterall, if you want something done right, do it yourself...

  13. Poor Adriana, she's just lonely and wants to get to know you better. And apparently she can do that by learning your social security number.


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