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Thursday, March 14, 2013



If you are a long time follower of this blog you know I have a thing about my cuckoo clock.  If you are really interested (and maybe a tad weird) here are the previous cuckoo clock posts:

For the Readers Digest version:

Forty-two years ago I gave my mom a cuckoo clock for Christmas.  It was a $20 clock but might have been the best present I ever gave her.  When she passed away I inherited the clock.  The clock is special to me.  One of the hands on the clock is broken so if the time is off you can’t just move the hands to adjust it, you have to speed up or slow down the clocks pendulum.  The clock needs to be wound twice a day.  You wind it by pulling down on a chain which lifts a weight which keeps the pendulum moving.  If you forget to wind it, it usually takes about two days to get it in synch with the rest of the world.

OK, now you are up to speed.

Every week I drive an hour and a half to my son’s house to babysit my toddler grandchildren.  I leave Wednesday night and return Thursday evening.  Whenever I return the clock is never rewound.  By the time I get it running and up to speed, I am due to toddler-sit again.  My clock is almost never cuckooing at the right time.  I tease Mrs. Cranky that if she really loved me she would keep the clock running when I am away doing grandpa duty.

This week was an especially difficult babysitting chore.  My son and daughter-in-law had to attend a funeral and I was alone with my toddlers for over 24 hours, plus I had to sit for my DIL’s parent’s dog.  I survived, and when I returned home Thursday evening the clock was still running and it was right on time.  Mrs. Cranky kept the clock running. 

She loves me, she really loves me!

On Sunday at church the Priest’s sermon was on “Being Grateful.”  He finished the sermon asking, “What are you grateful for this week?”

When we got home after church Mrs. C asked me, “What did you say to Father?”


“Well on the way out he said ‘Bless you my child’ and gave me a big wink.”

“Gee I don’t know, I just said to him that I was grateful that my wife showed me she loved me.  He asked, 'And how was that?'  I told him, For the first time in our marriage she pulled my chain and wound my clock.”

“If he doesn’t read your blog, we are going to have to find a different church!”

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  1. I think I need to get me one of those talkin' clocks. Sounds like they come with some great "benefits".


  2. I love cuckoo clocks! My daughter went on a military deployment to Germany and picked one up for me. I got tired of winding it, though. You're right--you become a slave to that ball and chain...

  3. Aw. This was such a sweet post. It's the little gestures that count.

  4. We have a cuckoo clock that I got from my grandma. It's my husband's baby. He hung it in the kitchen, and pulls its chain every night. When he goes away on business, he designates one of the boys to tend his precious cuckoo. I have never touched it, never even thought about it, except, "That darn thing finally quit cuckooing!" It must be a guy thing.

  5. You are very funny! I'm still laughing...

  6. I'm laughing so hard I don't think my pants will ever dry.

  7. *sniggers and giggles* Innuendo is a game best played with a completely straight face.

    Love it!

  8. I really and truly LOLed.

    Ya know someone loves ya when they pull your chain...


  9. Ive been known to stop the clock to keep it from cuckooing so often...had I known it was a barometer of love...

  10. It's been a long day at work, and that was just the chuckle I needed to end it with a smile. Great story, great punchline! :-)

  11. Good story. May the coocoo clock mechanism never change.

  12. Snort.. he probably already knows that you're a little bit cuckoo. :)

  13. You never cease to amaze (and tickle) me. And I really needed a tickle today.

    I do believe you have outdone yourself again. Thank you.

  14. Great post! stopping by from fybf!

  15. Okay, that is just too funny.

  16. Oh, she loves you...and then some! ;)


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