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Monday, March 11, 2013

NUMBERS - a Cranky re-run

This Cranky re-run Monday selection is from March 2012 
Today I had to activate a new debit card. I was asked my birth date, and the last four digits of my social security number.

My daughter called, she needed to know my address and my ZIP code.

I went to the gym and needed to remember the six numbers to open my combination lock.

I left the house to babysit for the two Crankettes. I had to set the house alarm with a five digit code, and then I needed a four digit code to open the garage door. I needed money for gas so I stopped at the Wawa and used my newly activated debit card to take money out of the ATM. This required a four digit code.

When I reached the Crankettes home I needed to remember my son’s garage door code to get in the house. I then had to dial up Mrs. Cranky to let her know I arrived safely.

They say to ward off old age memory problems you should exercise your mind every day. Today I had to remember and use eleven different numerical codes. In addition I needed a password to start my laptop, a login code and a password to access my Google account, a login code and password to log on to facebook, a login code and password to log on to twitter, a login code and password for my Optimum e-mail account, a login code and a password for my Yahoo e-mail account, a login code and password to access my banking account and a login code, a password and a “person number” (I KNOW!) to access my health insurance account.

Mrs. Cranky often chastises me for not remembering stuff. She makes fun of my senior moments. Today I remembered eleven numerical addresses or codes, seven logon codes, eight passwords, and one “person number.”
I think it is safe to say that….ah….I mean….huh.

Never mind.


  1. Boy oh boy have you hit my hot button! The purpose of passwords is to keep others from gaining access to your "stuff". But with all those passwords I have to write them down for future reference, which means anyone who steals my cheat sheet has access to all my "stuff".

    Good plan IT guys. Duh!


  2. Wow. That's a whole lot of codes and numbers to remember. I can never remember my combination lock code, but then again, I hardly ever go to the gym anymore. Heehee

  3. I have decided that all of my passwords should be misspelled words

    And the answer to those security questions should be expressions like:
    Up yours
    Kiss my ass
    and a few other less friendly phrases

  4. I love Ivan's answer! I NEVER forget anything!! Why, I----Who's calling, please?

  5. I hear ya, buddy. :-) My death will no doubt be due to overwhelming password retention.


  6. I forget what I was going to comment. But you do make me laugh.

  7. Okay you cyborg b@st@rd! What have you done with the real Joe?

    (No human could remember all of those numbers, passwords and what-have-you.)

  8. Numbers give me a headache. Literally. Ugh.

  9. Boy, ain't THAT the truth?! No WONDER we forget some of those other insignificant things like where we left our reading glasses...

  10. Fantastic! I couldn't have said it better fact....not nearly so well.

    I just forgot a dear friend's birthday and I am going- to blame it on ID/password/login- code overload. Whatever will become of us when the next set of tech stuff come out? (I gave up keeping a book on them and have shamefully regressed to 2 sets of characters and numbers, Security be damned.)

  11. I always have trouble with those security questions (for that case when you forget your password). Finally, a friend of mine told me her trick. Beer - the answer is always beer.

    What was the name of your first pet? - Beer.

    What was the name of your high school? - Beer.

    What was the name of the street where you grew up? - Beer.

    What is your favorite color? - Beer.

    She does like beer a lot...I probably should answer "chocolate."

  12. Passwords make me work too hard at work. I need them (separately) to log in, take attendance, get school email (personal email is blocked), get through something called the sonic wall (which I assume is a tracker to see if I fritter my time on any fun site that has not been blocked due to an oversight), get into the gradebook program, access Gaggle (our approved school social network), search Learn 360 (for educational videos), and make assignments on Study Island for state testing practice.

    If I don't access a site during a sixty-minute period, I have to log in again. It's CRAZY!