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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aesop 2013

Aesop 2013

An ant worked hard all summer gathering grain from a farm far away.  Every day the ant would walk to the farm and drag the heavy grain back to his larder at home.  Each way he passed a grasshopper who would be singing and dancing.

“Come and sing with me ant, it is summer, the days are long and the weather warm.  Rejoice with me and enjoy the day.”

“I must not stop gathering grain” said the ant, “or I shall starve come winter.”

The grasshopper just laughed at the ant and continued to sing and dance.

This continued every day in the summer.  Then came fall, and then came winter and the grasshopper was cold and became hungry, while the ant was warm and sated.

The grasshopper went to the home of the ant.

“Open up ant and share your food while I warm up by your fire.”

“No” said the ant, “all summer long you laughed at me as you sang and danced, and I toiled in the hot summer sun.”

“Ah, but while you were toiling in the hot summer sun and I was laughing, singing and dancing, there was passed a law in the land declaring that you are in the one percent and are required to share the food you have gathered.”

And so it came to pass that the ant had to give up much of his hard earned grain, and he was forced to allow the grasshopper to enjoy his shelter and his fire. 

The ant survived the winter, though not as warm or as well fed as he had imagined during his hard summer of toil.  The grasshopper ate by the fire and sang and danced in the warmth.


It is silly indeed to worry about tomorrow today, as long as there are ants.


  1. That's one of my favorite fable Joe :)

  2. Is that grasshopper playing his music on a subsidized fiddle?

  3. If people play the roles of the grasshopper and the ant, who would you chose for these roles with so many categories of people to chose from? :)

  4. I think tomorrow will come faster when all the ants start moving to anthills in other countries. :)

  5. Ah, knew I would not quite agree on this one. Yes, I get the premise and it has a crumb of truth and merit, but it's all a matter of degree. If someone with billions of seeds is not willing to share just a few out of the goodness of their hearts, then they deserve a law that "encourages" them to do so.

    If you are hungry you can have some of my cake.....I could never eat it all anyway and I can always bake another one.

    Go on and's OK.

  6. ...and the grasshopper befouled the ant's home by spitting his tobacco juice all willy-nilly around the hearth.

  7. The passers of such laws should be shot!