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Tuesday, March 19, 2013



It is time for:

Crappy Cranky Post Tuesday

Last week many readers were so kind as to say my Tuesday post was not in fact crappy.  Thank you for being so kind but you need not worry about hurting my feelings; I have had two ex-wives…that ship left port long ago.  This week’s crappy post has been sitting in the hopper for weeks and it is time to just get it over with.  Enjoy!...or not.


Mrs. C thinks I waste too much time on this blog.  She thinks I should be doing something to produce some income.  I don’t want to actually work, so I thought, “What if I could make some money with my blog?”

I have heard of some bloggers that make money blogging restaurant reviews.  I don’t know how that works, but I’m thinking, “If you write it they will come.” 

This will be my first Cranky Restaurant Review!

Last night I went out to dinner with Mrs. Cranky.  We weren’t looking for anything fancy or hoity toity, just good inexpensive home cooking.  We went to an establishment recommended by a friend, “The Arches” or something like that.  It is located on Rt. 1 in Edison New Jersey. 

My first impression was it is clean and the décor very simple.  I was somewhat put off by the lack of an individual menu and table service.  Their meals and prices are displayed on the wall, and you stand in line and wait before ordering and paying at the same time. 

The menu confused me.  You could order a simple burger, fries and a drink for $3.00 (very reasonable I thought) or you could order a #2 “Happy Dinner” for $3.45 which was a burger, fries, a soda and a crappy plastic toy.

I ordered the burger, fries and soda separately for $3.00 and Mrs. C ordered chicken pieces and a soda.   Service was OK, except it was hard to understand the cashier.  She mumbled a lot, didn’t seem very happy (one reason I stayed away from the “Happy Dinner”) and just punched the order into a computer. 

The order was filled in about two minutes.  We took our food to a table and filled our soda cups from a self-service fountain.  My first thought was why did I order a large soda cup when I could have paid less for a small cup and just filled up twice?

The food was OK considering the price, but I took issue with the presentation.  My burger was covered with ketchup, chopped onions and a pickle.  I did not order onions or a pickle.  I do not like onions or pickles.  Why would a restaurant go to the extra expense of adding ingredients that the customer didn’t order? The burger tasted fine, but I could have eaten three.  The fries were skinny, but the best I have ever had.  Mrs. C’s chicken pieces looked like they came out of a cookie cutter.  The meat may well have been chicken.  The taste…not so much; at least they were not covered in onions and pickles.

My overall review: 5 cranks being the highest rating

Décor – Simple, clean,                              3 cranks.

Service – Fast, not very friendly              2 cranks

Food – Fair at best, portions small         2 cranks (The fries are the best)

Price – Prices are reasonable                  5 cranks

Overall – OK if you are in a hurry           2 cranks

I was somewhat disappointed in this restaurant.  I doubt it will stay solvent for very McLong.


  1. Love it. I will tune in for your restaurant views for sure! :)

  2. HA! When we want to stop somewhere for a bite, I always say something along the lines of, "Anywhere but (ahem) the Arches." The ONLY thing worth eating there is the fries, and lots of other places have better ones. (Like Bojangles or Five Guys)

    Love your review. Not crappy at all. But the burgers made of a meat-like substance at said restaurant are.

  3. So, have you figured out how the money is made?

  4. I think you nailed the Arches to a T, or maybe that should be an M.

  5. Well... the Arches won't being paying you for reviews.
    Heck they won't even buy your dinner.

  6. If ONLY it hadn't stayed solvent!

    Looking forward to your review of the public library next. :-)


  7. Haven't stepped through those arches in a very long time. Funny stuff, McCrank!

  8. Just driving in New Jersey and using jug handles to get to the Arches would have most diners McCranked.

  9. McDonalds isn't about the burgers, Cranky. McDonalds is a revolution in organization, simplicity, speed, and human appeal. I LOVE McDonalds. I could write books on it.

    And those chicken nuggets are DELICIOUS.

  10. We have several "Arches" establishments in town. While I would not eat their meals (having regretted that in the past), they do have good oatmeal and iced tea - my standard drive-thru breaksfast fare. Totally enjoyed the review, can't wait for the next one! Mrs. Cranky must be so proud of your new endeavor! ;-)

  11. They do have the best fries. :)

    The only think I'll get from that restaurant ever is the fish sandwich (minus the cheese).

  12. Can I have your pickles!

  13. We need an Arches restaurant in Cheyenne. I love pickles and onions on my hamburgers. And since my hubby is between jobs, and even considering retirement, cheap food fits in our budget. Do they offer senior discounts?

  14. Thank you. This is a true public service.

    You forgot to mention the place is so popular many people can't even get in the door, instead having to just "drive thru" as employees throw food at them. ;)


  15. Loved the review, but I wouldn't quit your day job just yet.

    Oh, wait a minute...

  16. The McD in Indiana was built with little mucous factories in mind. Indoor play area. Lots of snot covered plastic balls to jump in. No acoustic ceiling tiles.

    The McD here in Florida was built as it should be, with old people in mind. Except you have to beg for your salt and ketchup packets, and then you just get ONE.

  17. My mother loves their grilled onion cheddar burger. It's only a dollar. She buys them three at a time, and freezes two for later. Because a ten-minute drive is apparently too inconvenient.

  18. Too funny Cranky......I am happy to say that my boys and daughter have never been a fan of any Arch establishment, although that military guy gets the thumbs up everytime...well in the UK at least, not so sure about over here. I can't quite get to grips with the mashed potatoes instead of proper arch type fries.

    I shall look forward to the next review with great anticipation :-)

  19. So how much did they pay you for the review? (lol) Lovely post - keep them coming.

  20. Do you know if this establishment has any plans for expansion? I have a feeling it may be just right for those communities with no time and a lack of taste buds. Could be a decent money-making opportunity for the right person...