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Friday, March 1, 2013

Letting It All Hang Out

Letting It All Hang Out

Lo – Blogger and Crooner

The other day I was stuck at the dance studio where my wife works.  I sat for an hour while she was doing work stuff and I watched the professionals and their students.  I am not a big fan of Ball Room Dancing, but I am not such a Neanderthal that I cannot appreciate how skillful and graceful these dancers are.

When Mrs. C was done and we were on our way to go out to dinner, I remarked that the dancers (including Mrs. C) are not just technically skilled, but that to perform in front of others as all these pros and their students do, takes a certain amount of theater and self-confidence that I would be incapable of bringing to a performance even if I had the skill level.

It is one thing to have a skill or a talent; it is another to be able to demonstrate that talent in front of others.  Personally I am too self-conscious to “Let it all hang out.”  It takes a special person to “Let it all hang out.”

There is a fellow blogger that I follow who has the courage to bare her soul.  This lady who is a bit older than even I am (she claims to be 84) has let it all hang out.

From her Bio this lady has led quite a life.  She is now showing off her ability to croon.  She was married some years ago to a talented and acclaimed jazz musician whom she lost to cancer.
I am guessing she sang in those days, and now she is singing again.  She has been somewhat reticent on letting us in on her talent, but she has finally relented.

Lo of “It’s Always Something”  has released a post with an audio/video of her singing.  She is almost apologetic about releasing this gem, but release it she has.  She has let it all hang out.

She will probably be angry with me for sharing, but it is her post, it is public domain.  

I think she is great!  What do you think? 

I defy you to listen to the audio and not fall in love with this lady.  


  1. Wow! What an amazing lady. She's lived enough (experience wise) for 3 people. I wish I was one of them.


  2. thank you for sharing her with us today! :)

  3. Thank you for introducing us to her! I also am one of those who is a little too afraid to "let it all hang out." Wish I was more "who cares" !!!

  4. I always (well, almost always) have to remind myself that when operting in front of an audience, no matter what you are doing, the audience (or most of it anyway) wants you to succeed. They are pretty much on your side.
    I have been reminded, though, that I should not attempt singing, except as part of a group effort.

  5. Oh, yeah... thanks for the link and the introduction.

  6. Holy moly.....I am sitting here in a puddle of tears (happy tears, amazed tears,blooming flabbergasted tears).

    Oh, Joe! Got no words. Just these damned tears and a heart full of gratitude and love.

    Oh. I DO have a few words......THANK YOU !

  7. ....and one other thing........
    you got my age wrong......I once was 84 but I am now 85 going on 86.
    At some point a person stops lying about their age and starts bragging about it. You'll see.

    Love, Lo

  8. What's not to love. She's even the back up quarterback for the New England Patriots!

  9. What an inspiring post. Thanks for introducing us to this great lady.

  10. Thank you for this intro. She's a lovely lady and I very much enjoyed her serenade.

  11. you da bomb Cranky...what a great post and one awesome lady :0)

  12. I've been an admirer of Lo's for some time now ~ I'm so glad to see her get the recognition she deserves for her rich mind & talent!!
    She is one VERY special lady ~

  13. Oh thanks! I've been checking on her daily waiting for the audio, but missed this yesterday. No challenge! I've been in love for years. She makes me want to be 85. By the way Lo, I think you still have 84 on your profile. Now that you've figured out all that audio stuff, editing should be easy peasy.

  14. She's a hoot. I think she is great too.


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