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Thursday, September 27, 2012



This post is an unsolicited shout-out to Frank of Rent-A-Son, a local contracting business in Edison, New Jersey.

Mrs. Cranky and I recently updated our kitchen.  The old kitchen came right out of the 1980’s which is fine except I hated the 1980’s.  I did not need to be reminded of those years every time I went into my kitchen.  I also could not stand the tile counters which captured every crumb and chunk of crud into its filthy grout lines when I tried to wipe it down.  Also, as described in a previous post we bought a new refrigerator/freezer which did not fit in our cabinetry.

We shopped for cabinets, counter and tile but each piece of the kitchen puzzle required a separate installer.  This seemed like a nightmare to me.  Then I remembered Rent-A-Son.

Frank had done several jobs for me in a previous life.  Frank agreed to do all the work except the counter installation for which he took responsibility for the sub-contractor.  Having one contact for the whole job made the process manageable.

Rent-A-Son’s prices are not cheap.  They were fair and in the same ballpark as other estimates.  When doing construction you really don’t want inexpensive.  Inexpensive is shortcuts, delays and sloppy work.  In construction inexpensive can be very expensive.

Rent-A-Son’s work was top notch, timely and neat.  The crew was careful to not make a mess and to clean up every day as well as possible.  Frank never pushed for a particular product, but lent his expertise in recommending colors, trim, and cost effective materials.

If you are looking for a home improvement expert for painting, construction and fix-up in the Edison, New Jersey area give Frank and Rent-A-Son a call.







  1. Huge difference, and boy does it look good! And you're entirely right about hiring a trusted contractor who knows which subs are good, which are to be avoided, is knowledgeable of new products, pros and cons, etc. When the dust settles you'll see very nice results for a fair price and with minimal fuss.



  2. Looks good Cranky.....It is a challenge to find a good company that knows what they are doing when it comes to construction. If I lived in Jersey I would be sold on these guys

  3. It came out beautifully!

    I thank heaven for the contractor who worked on our house & recently installed an elevator. I assume we're through with remodeling because he's now retired!

  4. We need Rent-A-Son here. Please suggest he starts a secondary business here. He'll make a fortune.

  5. Your kitchen looks incredible. No more '80s. What a marvelous job they did.

  6. Very Nice, just shows it just costs a little more to go first class, and sometimes that little more, costs less than re doing the shortcuts.

  7. Love the new kitchen - looks great !!!

  8. Definitely love the new look to the kitchen! Looks like they did a great job!

  9. I love the name of the company! I should have rented my son out when he lived at home! Re-doing a kitchen is so much work and such a mess! The end result is worth it though.

  10. Very nice! Easy to see why you used them again.