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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Famous, Trusted Celebrities Suck!

Famous, Trusted Celebrities Suck!

How do so many famous, trusted celebrities sleep at night?

Montel Williams is a successful TV personality and motivational speaker.  He has made lots of money through his hard work and talent.  Does he really have to take a job convincing people who don’t have a pot to piss in that it is a good idea to borrow up to $1000, instantly, without any questions asked?  Does he really have to be a shill for what is a glorified loan shark operation?  Doesn’t he know that most of these “borrowers” will pay back the loan two fold in interest and never cover any of the principle?  Does he need the money that badly?  How does he sleep at night?

Ben Stein is a successful investment analyst and economist.  He has made money in many acting endeavors with his monotone deadpan   delivery and boring persona.  Does he really need the extra money he earns pushing for his “Free Credit Report” scam?  These ads scare the crap out of people that their credit rating will get them fired and their identity will be stolen if they don’t sign up for this service which charges their credit card $8.99 every month to give them information which they really don’t need and is available for free without this “service.” Oh and how is $8.99 a month free?  Does he really need the money that badly?  How does he sleep at night?

Robert Wagner made a fortune in movies and TV.  He must have had life insurance on his wife Natalie Wood who “accidentally” fell overboard in Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island one night and drowned.  Funny that no one heard a sound in a crowded harbor late at night, but I guess sound doesn’t carry over the water.  Does Robert Wagner need money so badly that he pushes “Reverse Mortgages” on old people convincing them that banks want to give them money?  No word that these monthly payments are loans.  Loans that will stop when they equal the equity they have in their home.  These are loans that will stop and will need to be repaid as soon as they leave their home to downsize, or move to assisted living or pass away.  Are reverse mortgages a good idea for some?  Maybe, but for most they are a scam to loan money at high interest rates to gullible old people who do not know what they are getting into.  Does Robert Wagner really need the money?  How does he sleep at night?

Troy Aikman and Hulk Hogan made millions during their athletic careers and in TV appearances and as celebrity analysts.  Do they really need extra cash telling poor people that they can easily rent that giant TV they crave so much?  Is it really a good idea for someone living pay check to pay check to spend $100 a month to watch an $800 TV they will never own?  How do they sleep at night?

Go ahead people; take out that sleazy loan, buy that worthless service, put your home at risk, and rent that giant TV you can’t afford.

It must be OK, a celebrity told you so; and they did it with a smile and no bags under their eyes.        


  1. You missed Fred Thompson's reverse mortgages. And the really subliminal house number, 1942, next to the door as strolls through a well to do Tennessee neighborhood of wide veranda homes. He disturbs me as much as Montel; these two pass sleaze and trod on immoral.

  2. The Fred Thompson ad bothers me greatly. And my stomach turns when I see Pat Boone peddling things. And Sally Fields is one of our greatest actresses--why is she doing this?

  3. Maybe they're planning to get into politics (or in Fred's case BACK into politics) and this is sort of like the SAT for entry inside the Beltway....if they fleece enough people out of their money, then they will be accepted into the fraternity.


  4. I didn't want to list two shills for the reverse mortage stuff, guess I should have used Fred..he seems to touch a nerve. Probably because his persona is so "Folksy trusted grandfatherly!"

  5. Well said, Joeh -- I agree absolutely. We get the same type of thing in the UK. They really make me sick.

  6. You speak truth, dear Cranky. Is there ridiculous salary/commissions/etc. not enough???

  7. A very pretty Indian girl flogs 'up to 10,000 in your bank account by tomorrow' with no credit check. I DVR'd the ad so I could read the miniscule and quickly removed print. If the loan is paid back within 7 years, the total paid would be $60,500! Isn't there some kind of law against this kind of advertising in the US?

  8. There ARE laws against usury--that's why I can't understand how places like "Pay Day Loans" are allowed to exist!

  9. and there's another reason i'm pissed off... people with money preying on those without.... dumbasses!

  10. Hey,

    Wow, someone is on fire today.

    I do agree, though, so you go gets them, Joe :)

    PS.. should you include Biden, too?
    For false advertising?


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