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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawers
 Our new kitchen is finally finished.  One really cool feature is that the drawers all pull completely out.  The entire drawer when pulled out is easily accessible; even all the way in the back.  I remember drawers that you could pull completely out, except they would then fall out and empty their contents on the floor. 

The kitchen drawers I’m used to have stops to keep from pulling them all the way out and on the floor.  They pull out about three quarters of the way. If you want something in the back you have to feel for it.  To me, a drawer that pulls all the way out without spilling on the floor is very exciting.

I couldn’t wait to show this excellent feature to Mrs. Cranky. 

“Did you know the drawers pull all the way out?”

“So?  All drawers pull all the way out.”

“What?  No they don’t!  Most drawers pull only three quarters of the way out.”

“Ok and…?”

“And this is a really big deal.  The drawers pull all the way out!  Plus if you give them a slight nudge they close by themselves”

"Oooh that should save a lot of effort; no more drawer closing push!"

"It is really cool...these drawers are REALLY FRICKING COOL!!"

“Ok.  Whoop-dee-doo.  No need to have a drawergasm over it!”

Mrs. C. can take the shine off of chrome.


  1. I agree, full-extension drawer guides are really cool. No more stuff hidden in the very back, out of sight and reach. Drawergasm indeed.

    Do I dare mention "soft close" toilet seats? ;)


  2. Drawergasm! If you weren't already married to that woman, I would have advised you to keep her under lock and key until she agreed to marry you. A funny woman is worth her weight in gold.

  3. What will they think of next? Glad to know your kitchen delights you so.

  4. Hilarious word- I have the outdated ones that slide out if not careful and because it's too heavily will dump on the floor or feet if not careful. So wonder what the opposite of drawergasm is so that the next time this happens I don't shout a bad word in front of the grand kiddie? :)

  5. I wish I had drawers that opened all the way or closed by themselves. Obviously you've spoiled Mrs. C. and are to blame for this.

  6. I don't have those drawers but I DO have cupboards like that for my pots & pans & also for my casseroles & mixing bowls. I get a drawergasm all the time!!

  7. These folks needed to hear about Drawergasm before they started looking...

    I may have to visit that site some more

  8. I have kitchen drawers that give me drawergasms all the time. Don't know what I did before they were invented :)

  9. So what would it be if you opened and closed the drawer repeatedly...multiple drawergasms?

  10. New word....Love it....Can we see pics of the new and improved kitchen? I have big drawergasms when I open the area for my pots and pan.....

  11. These are the answer to the junk drawer that mysteriously swallows important stuff placed therein?

  12. Hey Joe,

    Reading your post, I looked over at my drawer - that only pulls out halfway - and I nearly had a Drawergasm, too.

    But that would have been weird, and my ManCard would have been suspended for at least ten days...

  13. I love Mrs Cranky. Any woman that can make up a word like drawergasm on the spot just has to be awesome.
    I also appreciate the drawers and would like to not have to push mine so hard to close them. :)

  14. I only get Drawergasm when everything is perfectly placed in my cutlery draw. Each to their own Mr CRanky. :)
    Prue x

  15. I congratulate you on your fully extended drawers. And for being able to spell drawers because so many don't seem to know any more. I'm glad they bring you so much joy, (despite Mrs Cranky's insensitive indifference).

  16. I love Mrs Cranky. She needs to start blogging...


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