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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Based on several comments, perhaps yesterday’s post should have been titled
“Things That Men Think Suck”

A lovely fellow senior citizen, Rosaria of  commented on my post “Things That Suck” wanting to know what things I do like.

A broad from  also wanted to know what I do like.

Since both of these bloggers seem like such a nice ladies I am submitting the following:  


Beautiful homes with a view of the Oregon coast – No explanation needed.

Fried Chicken, lobster, mack-and-cheese, steak, and lima beans….that’s right, lima beans!!  Post your own list.

Sex – Well sometimes sex does…never mind, sex is good.

New car smell – Especially if it is your new car.

Pro football – Especially when the Giants beat New England in the Super Bowl.

Steven King – How does he write faster than I can read?

The smell of fresh mowed grass Ah Choo!

Television – The greatest invention ever!

Grandchildren – Sometimes they bite but they don’t suck.  Grandchildren are like children on cruise control.

A long hot shower after 2 hours working out at the gym – So I have been told.


  1. Ooo yummy yummy - Lobster my favourite.

    Steven King fabulous - you should try Dean Koontz too (even better in my opinion)

    New Car smell definitely

    Pro football - hmmmm still trying to get to grips with it and to understand why it takes so damn long...Soccer is even worse...give me rugby union any day!

    Sex - yep sex is good!

    Grandchildren- hopefully it will be another few years yet before I can share an opinion on that one, daughter is only 21 and boys are 12 and

    Oregan coast - wonderful
    Virginia - beautiful

    Long hot shower - any time of day with or without workout in the gym first

    Cranky - have to say this list is so much better than the last one....

    Will even add something to your list:

    Cranky's book 0 definitely doesn't suck and is a wonderful read....

    Lou :-)

  2. JH, surprised Velveta didn't make today's list. Was also expecting your quote about such and such is a receptical for butter.

  3. We do have things in common! I even love lima beans. Fordhooks are my absolute favourite!

    ;-)Thanks for the mention, too!

  4. A long hot shower any time of day is good. Especially after the gym.

    I can think of a few things to add to my own list- if I ever post one.

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