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Saturday, February 4, 2012



In an effort to pump some testosterone into my blog I have been making predictions on the New York Giant’s playoff games.  I am two for two, and it is now time for the big prediction…SUPER BOWL!

Stand back mommy bloggers, Cranky is getting his man on HOO-HOO HOO.

This is really tough.  As a Giant fan I want to pick the Giants, however there is also my theory that it is very hard to beat a good NFL team twice in the same season.  In 2007, the Giants lost to New England in a close game during the season and then beat them in the Superbowl.  This year the Giants lost to both the Packers and the 49ers in the regular season and then beat them both in the playoffs.  Since the Giants beat New England in the regular season this year I have to pick New England in the Superbowl.

Then again, last week I gave this same sage advice to Marty (of “Fishing With Frog” fame) and leaked to him my advanced Super Bowl pick:

New England 41 – New York 17

Yes I predicted a blow-out as that is the traditional Super Bowl result.

My problem is, Marty wanted my pick as he felt I could never be right three games straight and he plans to place a bet against my Super Bowl choice.  Marty is therefore calling for the score NYG 20 NE 9.  Marty is a self-proclaimed Mr. Loser so it would figure that my calling NE the winner is a lock.  However, if Marty suddenly decides that because he is Mr. Loser he should not follow his instinct and bet against me and he decides to bet on NE then my call is in jeopardy.

Therefore I am changing my prediction so that Mr. Loser will at least be wrong about something.  If the Giants win he will be wrong about my ability to predict three in a row.  Or, since he is Mr. Loser I’m guessing he will change his mind and go with my first choice and bet on NE which guarantees a New York Giant victory. 

Listen, this prediction thing is not easy, it gets very complicated.  So here it is and don’t tell Marty:

New York Giants 34 - New England Patriots 31


  1. JH been waiting all week for this one. Enjoy peace and quiet - your game time guests.

  2. We are a split super bowl household....I am supporting the Pats to show allegiance to my sister and brother in law, who live near Boston, and S will be supporting the Giants, well just cos he

    I am taking your prediction Cranky because with the way the Pats have been playing all season, I just don't see how they can lose..

    We will see - this is our first Super Bowl in the US, and my boys have never seen one......I'm just looking forward to the adverts - cos apparently they are always pretty awesome!

    Have a great Super Bowl weekend

    Lou :-)

    PS. Who is Mrs C supporting, just out of interest?

  3. Mrs C is rooting for the Detroit Lions.....shhh don't say anything.