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Saturday, February 18, 2012



I recently received another blog award.  This award came from Lou at “Our home in the sun” .  I know it says “waiting to emigrate” but she has emigrated; now her home is in the sun.  Lou passed this award along to the Cranky Old Man because she likes my posts.  It also had something to do with the two awards I have passed to her in the last year. 

Bloggers, it seems, are like the Hollywood elite, we just can’t have enough awards.  If there are not enough we just make up new ones and hand them out like candy. 

“And the winner is….EVERYONE!!”

For years I have complained about how entertainers are obnoxious with all their awards.  Oscars, People’s Choice, Emmy’s, Cannes Film Festival, Golden Globes, and at least one award from every city in the world for best (male and female) actor, best picture, best actor in a musical, best comedy actor, best supporting actor, best actor supporting the supporting actor, best walk-on, best producer, best key grip…..

Now I find myself in a group which also finds a way to shower each other with accolades.  If I were to accept this or any other award I would be as bad as any of the Hollywood elite and I would be an extreme hypocrite!  If I was to accept this award, it would comprimise my integrity.

THANK YOU LOU for this prestigious award, the LIEBSTER.  I would like to thank everyone who made this award possible: The Crankettes, the Cranks, the Step-Cranks, my ex-wives, my many friends (both of you know who you are) and most of all Mrs. Cranky.

Thank you…Thank you very much!

In accepting this award I must also bestow it on five worthy bloggers who have less than 200 followers and like me are also extreme hypocrites if they accept.

Check them out: Jesus + Laughing gas…funny stuff  An entertaining Outdoorsy fly fishing lady Country wisdom from Dan the Mountain Man This is One Bad Pixie

If you accept you need to pass the award along to five other worthy bloggers.

Thank you again!


  1. Ha ha - you are so right Cranky - as always!

    Pity we can't show off these awards on our mantelpieces or some other suitable place.

    Have a great weekend

    Lou :-)

  2. Well done! Cranky!:) I am a relatively new follower ... but am really enjoying your posts.

    Award well-earned!