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Sunday, December 11, 2011


It’s Sunday, time for Cranky’s least viewed post, HEADLINES of the week and my stupid sophomoric comments.  To induce comments, I will award a WHOOP-TEE-DOO to the best comment on the last headline.

Virginia Dog Missing for Eight Years Found in California – It took 8 years for Virginia owner to remember he lost the dog in California.

California Church Uses Baby Monitor to Nab Robbery Suspects- Pastor banged them over the head with the speaker and tied them up with the cords.

Obama Ambassador Under Fire For Blaming Israel For Muslim Anti-Semitism- “
If we could just get rid of Israel and all the Jews we could wipe out anti-Semitism completely!” Ambassador claims.

Pay Freeze for Queen in UK Austerity Measures – Even with the pay freeze, Elton is still one of the wealthiest men in the UK.

Mother of six trades in $96k house for used minivan – Says the van is much easier to parallel park!

Elderly complain about pants search at NY airport – Seniors don’t understand why they are forced to go through smiling TSA agents’ pockets.

FDA Cracking Down on Online Sperm Donor- There’s an APP for that?

Obama says jobless rate could drop to 8 percent – If only 1.6% would stop looking for jobs we could reach this lofty goal!

Woman Survives Being Buried Alive, Digs Herself Out With Engagement Ring – Sales of previously little known “Shovel Engagement Ring” go through the roof!

Muslim Cleric's Warning: Cucumbers Too Sexy for Women – Your comment here - best comment wins a WHOOP-TEE-DOO! ________________________________________________________________________

Last week’s comment contest on headline-

Flesh-eating banana fears hit Mozambique

Was won by

 One Bad Pixie  -  Viagra sales plummet!

 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­OBP was the only entrant but nevertheless here it is:


I almost forgot, Mr. and Mrs. Cranky are married one year today!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Cranky

    Cucumbers too sexy for women, but bananas are okay??

    First time I've read your headline comments and I'm a total fan ;)

  2. I love all your headline comments :) I hope you never stop doing them.

    I would enter the context, but I can never come up with anything witty. Ever.
    Bring back the Toddler Talk. At least I had half a chance with that one :)

  3. "Muslim women find themselves in a pickle and relish the long lost days when a woman could veg in peace."

    Excellent headlines!! Thank you for bringing a smile to my Sundays!!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I forgot to say that the first time :)

  5. Happy Anniversay Baby! I am the lady who coined the term prick lit!

    Here's one of my fave Elton jokes:

    Elton John is now writing his next song about himself...
    It's called 'Like a Gerbil in the Wind.'