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Sunday, December 18, 2011



After four days in Barbados celebrating my first wedding anniversary with Mrs. C, I have noticed some definite differences between Barbados and New Jersey.

In Barbados it is warm.  New Jersey is cold.  Even the rain in Barbados is warm.  The ocean is warm, the pool is warm.  The ocean is also crystal clear and calm.  In New Jersey the ocean is cold, cloudy and rough. 

I prefer the ocean in Barbados. 

In the Barbados hotel there is a one to one ratio of staff to guests.  In New Jersey one waitress covers ten tables.  In Barbados the service is slow.  In New Jersey service is very fast.  In New Jersey it is important for the service to be fast. 

In Barbados I don’t give a crap about fast service.

In Barbados the people speak with an unusual accent.  In New Jersey…OK, that one is a wash.

In Barbados the food is OK.  Italian food is meatballs and spaghetti;  Chef Boyardee’s is better.  In New Jersey (50 minutes from NYC) food is very good, but it is cold outside. 

I like the food in Barbados.

In Barbados no one is in a hurry.  The sun and ocean are warm today, they will be warm tomorrow.  In New Jersey everyone is in a hurry.  Get there quick before it snows, get there quick before it gets dark, go go go before the lines get long.  Quick go go hurry come-on!

I like not being in a hurry.

Crossing a busy highway in New Jersey is dangerous.  You have to wait for any opening and then run like hell across the street.  When cars see you do this they speed up, slam on the brakes, lean on the horn, roll down the window and call you an asshole.  In Barbados cars see you are trying to cross, they blink their lights and stop until you cross, then they wave and move on. 

I prefer crossing the streets in Barbados.

We leave this beautiful island paradise on Monday.  After seven days of warm sun and water, after seven days of relaxing slow but friendly smiling service, after seven days of safe street crossing, I look forward to going home to New Jersey!

Hey, the food is really good in New Jersey!   


  1. What? You're in Barbados? Luckeeeee. Man.

    Great post but I thought it was gonna end with you telling us you are staying there forever....

  2. Happy Anniversary Mr. Cranky. Barbados sounds delish and isn't great going to a place were everything is damn relaxing.....

  3. As always, there's no place like home :)

  4. Enjoy Barbados! It's on our 'Things to do' list, so I'm happy to hear it's as beautiful as we think it is!

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