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Monday, December 26, 2016


This cranky re-run is from December 2011
Notice how I have mellowed since.

This may pee a few people off, but what the heck, the beauty of being old is not having the time to give a shit.

Several things happened this last week that make me want to just scream, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

Some people just look for shit to happen so they can wave a flag and say “Look at me, I’ve got an agenda and I’m not afraid to raise a stink about something to push it.”

POR EXEMPLUM: (What you never took Latin?)

A lady in my town posted on Facebook an open letter to the police about the horrible traffic problem in town and how she is afraid to cross Main Street with her children. She asserts she has almost been KILLED twice by careless drivers. 

Why do I suspect she has an agenda and is looking for attention?  She posted a picture of her son crossing the street.  Her son was wearing a yellow traffic vest and an orange traffic cone hat.  Apparently this is how he is always dressed when going downtown to cross Main Street!

Main Street in Metuchen, NJ is perfectly safe to cross if you just watch where you are going.  Cars cannot travel any faster than 10 MPH down Main Street. 


The news recently reported that a Woman traveling from Las Vegas to Boston had a TSA agent take away a cupcake as the frosting was a potential explosive (future blog in this subject is in the hopper.) How did the news hear about this “major” incident?  Did the TSA overreact?  Probably.  Is this lady making a big deal about a lousy cupcake? I would have just laughed it off; she goes to the press, who loves to pick on airport security, and she acts like she was horribly victimized. This is not Iran.  They did not strip search and beat you.  They took away a cupcake. 


Today I read an article about a woman being told to not breast feed at a Washington DC Motor Vehicle station. Personally I don’t care if someone breast feeds in front of me, I seldom give more than a passing two or three minute glance.  However, some women are just asking for a scene. They could go to a corner of the room, turn their back and discreetly feed their baby (sometimes a three year old toddler).  Instead in the name of “What is the big deal it is perfectly natural”, they open up without warning in the middle of a crowd just asking for someone to say something. 

You know what?  Peeing is perfectly natural, but if I’m in a car and I have to go, if there is no rest stop available, I pull over and hide behind a tree.  I don’t stand in the middle of the road, pee, and yell at passerbies, “What you never saw someone pee before?  It’s natural you know!” 


Finally what is with those clowns wearing shirts that say stuff like “This is my drinking shirt”?  When you take the time to read what the shirt says, these morons give you shit, “Yo what the fuck you staring at?” 

Listen jerkweed, if you don’t want people staring at your shirt, don’t wear a shirt that says stuff! 

“Here, look at my shirt, it says:



  1. A few months ago hubby and me were pulling into a parking space at one of the grocery stores in town. In the next row over was someone urinating openly in public (which I didn't get considering the store was a mere 20 feet away). I'm still traumatized by that event!

    What this has to do with your blog post, I'm not sure, but it did invoke that memory.


  2. Far too many people do seem to get their knickers in a knot for no damn good reason. And too many also carry on irritating others just because they can. "It's natural you know"

  3. Some people just have too much time on their hands.

  4. The cupcake story is hilarious! You might need to run for cover over the breastfeeding story though. Those folks can be militant.

    1. I have zero problem with public breastfeeding, I do believe some people do it in a way intending to provoke comments from those huckleberries who do find it offensive.

  5. I think everyone should just mind their own business. That's the problem. Opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has one.

    I want one of your shirts too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  6. Hope you are in a better mood in the New Year and hopefully all these attention seeking people will leave town.

  7. Hum, a blog buddy had her vitamin C powder confiscated as it tested positive for explosives. Makes you wonder what manufacturers are putting into what goes into us. Hey, if it will go boom, TSA can have it.

  8. I've never been comfortable with public breast feeding. Its supposed to be a quiet bonding time between mother and child..a peaceful and relaxing time...not the entertainment at your local McDonald's.

  9. Yes, it's good to see how you've mellowed, Joe.

  10. I like your crankiness - it's TRUTH we all basically agree with to some degree. Oh everybodys got an agenda these days - they have their cell phones ready to take a picture or a video, or they are looking for someone to sue. It's almost not safe to go out of your home anymore. As for the breast feeding thing - I was a home helper for young nursing mothers who were having problems. Back then, mothers just did it; discreetly. I mean, we are feeding and bonding with our child, not making a public political issue of it. Oh well - life is changing and I guess we are supposed to change with it.

  11. Thank you for not peeing in the middle of the waiting area at the DMV. You are a classy guy.

  12. Metuchen NJ? My Mom is in Middlesex. I grew up in Raritan and Somerville. No wonder I relate to your crankiness! LOL

  13. Shouldn't that be pro exemplo???

    Tongue firmly in cheek, cuz I agree with you. I had four years of Latin in high school. We read Roman love poetry one year, which got quite...ahem...erotic. Over here, it would be a banned book. Sorry for going off just brought back some memories. :-)

    OK, I'm shutting the fuck up now.

  14. Eh, we've become a nation of whiny "make my life safer/easier/better 'cause I'm too lazy to help myself" folks. We're sure we know the answers and usually those answers require someone ELSE to change.

    Time to stop worrying about ever one else and get to workin on yourself.


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