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Friday, April 3, 2020

The Ghost Neighborhood

The Ghost Neighborhood

Just took a walk to my mail box.  In this townhome association, the mail is all dropped off at one place, near the entrance close to the club house and pool.  The walk for me is about ¼ mile each way. 

I left with a mask, but did not need it.  I only saw one person walking his dog, he did wear a mask, and one kid playing basketball in his driveway (the kid was about 5’4’ and the basket set at 7’…don’t get me started.  What, these kids are practicing their dunks for when they are 6’10”).  Basically, this isolated area is a ghost neighborhood.

The walk kind of reminded me of the week after 9-11.  We are in a Newark Liberty Airport flight pattern.  The planes are not that low when they go over, we really do not notice them…except when there is no them.  Then it is eerily quiet.  We can hear the birds; we can hear the quiet. 

Yes, quiet has a sound.  It sounds like a tree falling in the forest when you are not around. 

Here is a picture of our little park on my way to the mail.

On a normal day there is seldom anyone in this park.  Do you think our former 9th grade hall monitors went overboard with the yellow tape?  Oh, and the no loitering sign gives this park a nice urban slum feel don’t you think?

Anyway, I got the mail, and yes, I washed my hands after and we let the mail just sit untouched for a day.

That’s it from this cranky old man.  We are fine and doing our job of staying out of civilization so we don’t add to the healthcare providers burden.

Stay safe everyone and wash your feckin hands.

Oh yeah, lost 2 more pounds this week and I am five short of my push-up goal.  Fifteen short if I have to do them slow and perfect.

Oh, one more; remember that bakery, Mrs. C’s cousin’s bakery?  The one that a few posts ago I blamed for a few pounds gained because of their St. Joseph cannoli things?  This was a local TV news story about them during the Covid 19 slow down.

If you are in the area, support Vaccaro's Bakery in Clark NJ, you will not be disappointed.  The breakfast pecan ring cake is my favorite.


  1. We need for it to get more quiet around here. Too many people just not taking it seriously. Stay safe, and does the bakery mail orders? Oh, well, just thought i'd ask.

  2. Not quite a ghost town here, but people are staying in more. With the flats being probably as close together as your townhouses, I can hear people talking as most front doors near me are open, there are still cars coming and going as people arrive to visit (that's a no-no but they don't seem to care) or go to and from the local shops.

  3. Didn't all that caution tape make you want to be a scofflaw and take a ride down the slide? I am eager to hear about your grocery shopping trip with your sock mask. Many customers? Any shortages of certain delicacies? Today was my first full day of STAYING IN. I, too, went to the mailbox. It was a mile drive (one-way) for me. Saw neither man nor beast.

  4. Nice story about Mrs. C's cousin's bakery. Wish I lived in the area to support them. Our mayor announced recently all parks and park tables will be "off limits" Easter weekend and Easter day. So many families flood to the parks for family gatherings. I believe there will be tickets issued to those who choose to go against the mandate. Our neighborhood is relatively quiet. We are always the loudest ones in it.


  5. I am praying for a little noise. It feels like a ghost town outside, but I reckon it could be worse. Stay well!

  6. I have felt the 9/11 similarities. We are also in a flight route and have rarely seen or heard a plane the last two weeks.

  7. I use to really enjoy quiet, now all I hear is my ears ringing. Could use a little street noise.
    That was a lovely story about Mrs. C's cousin's bakery. Times like these do bring out the best in people.

  8. Living in a rural area, it's quiet but even the school bus noises are gone and I miss that. Seems planes are not flying - no chem trails in the sky, that we've noticed too. It's a sad quiet. There is a difference.

  9. It's pretty quiet around these parts as well, except for the neighbour's seriously annoying dog (they had a "yappy dog", that died, and then decided to get what is now annoying dog number three), and the Hillbillies across the road. I'm beginning to think they are "Covidiots" as well, as the young Hillbilly seems to go our most every night. Pretty sure it's not to a job. Oh, and I did watch the video about the bakery. Kinda nice that the cops are reciprocating.

  10. It’s quite here too. The sky is as clear as it’s been in years.
    Stay safe Joe.

  11. thank you for sharing Mr c 's cousin 's bakery story
    this is painful to think that so many families are suffering due to virus and starving for basics here either ,govt is trying to help them with assurity that deserving people get it which is making the process long and tough
    yes quite has sound and it falls upon only on curious hearts who want to hear it's secret

    stay well and healthy my freiend!