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Monday, April 27, 2020



This re-run is from July 2012
So much bad press on China because of the Covid thing.  My biggest fear besides  catching it, are restaurants going out of business.  Especially Chinese restaurants.  My world just has to have Chinese food!

Tonight Mrs. C. and I ordered Chinese food for dinner.  There are several reasons why we love Chinese food for dinner.  The food is delicious.  The food is inexpensive.  The food is ordered on the phone and delivered to your door.

There are drawbacks to Chinese food.

I used to call in my order and then pick it up at the restaurant.  I had to stop this because I couldn’t handle the 15 minute trip.  It was not a difficult drive except for the smell of Chinese food.  Fifteen minutes in a car with the smell if spare ribs, pork low mien, egg drop soup and chicken almandine wafting across my nostrils and taste buds is torture.  The smell caused me to speed, run lights and drive more distracted than a teenage girl texting Justin Bieber.  I almost had an accident several times. 

Now we order delivery.

Another drawback to Chinese food is for some reason I eat it like it is going to be taken away from me at any minute.  I don’t know why this is, but I shovel that chow in my mouth faster than an Olympic sprinter.  Egg roll…duck sauce…low mien…chew…spare rib…swallow…chew, chew, chew…egg drop soup…swallow…REPEAT.

Within fifteen minutes after the delivery, my stomach is busting and I am in pain. 
My taste buds are in heaven.

One of the best things about Chinese food is the duck sauce.  What is duck sauce?  I use it on everything.  I never have duck.  I once asked the proprietor of the local restaurant about this sauce.

“Why do they call it duck sauce?  Was it the invention of an man named Duc? Duc’s Sauce?”

“Sauce for duck.  Call duck sauce.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t developed by a Mister Duc?”


“It might be like the tape, duck tape isn’t for ducks.  Some call it duct tape, but the only thing it isn’t good for is ducts.  Did Mr. Duc invent the tape?


“OK, OK good to know.  Can I have some extra Duc’s sauce for my egg roll?”

“Sure, sauce for duck, very good on egg roll.”


  1. It's a good thing i wasn't there when you had that conversation, if i'd laughed the way i just did the guy at the restaurant would have thought i was laughing at him and i was not.

    It makes me angry to think of people not ordering Chinese, or any other oriental foods, because of this virus. Our favorite restaurant is closed now, i do not know if they will reopen and it breaks my heart, the couple who own it are wonderful.

  2. Now I want some Chinese food! I love duck sauce on an eggroll. Mmm...crab rangoon! Hunan pork! Hot & sour soup with those crunchy things! I need to send Hick to see if our favorite Chinese restaurant is open. He always picks up the carryout. Only 10 minutes of torture for him to drive it home. They don't deliver.

    1. Crab Rangoon? I've never seen that on our takeaway menus, it sound delicious.

    2. Crab Rangoons are very, very good.

      Paul L. Quandt

  3. I’ve never tried that duc sauce but it sounds like something I need to try.
    Our local Chinese restaurant closed in late March. I’m not sure why, because they could still do takeout.
    I miss out Thursday evening meals from that place.

  4. Guess what we had for dinner tonight. Yep. Chinese food. We ordered and Jim went to pick it up and bring it home. It was wonderful but no duck sauce.

  5. I love Chinese food but I do not think I have ever had duck sauce. Must try some soon! Our "go to" place for Chinese food closed down until April 30th. I hope it reopens then. They were even open on Christmas Day if one had a hankering for Chinese food then.


  6. I haven't had Chinese food in a very long time and I've never had duck sauce. I could get some delivered but too often I've had even pizza deliveries get lost because they can't seem to find my place in spite of the van coming to these flats quite often AND the giant 97 up on the wall by my front door.

  7. I love Chinese food but haven't had any for ages. Be a sport and sling some over.

  8. I do feel bad for the small Chinese restaurants who will not survive. Most here are not even open for carry out.

  9. But honestly -- didn't you hear him say "Jerk" as you walked out the door?
    I am not calling you a jerk, you understand. Just saying it would be consistent with other stories you have shared.

  10. Thanks a whole heck of a lot. Now I am craving Chinese food and the closest is a two hour trip. Sigh.

  11. We had Chinese take out the other night. It was delicious. One of my favorite meals.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  12. Not a big fan of Chinese food, but noticed one thing. It is light on the stomach.
    Like that teenage girl texting Justin Bieber.

  13. That one made *me* laugh out loud.

  14. Living in San Francisco and close by, Chinese Food is a mainstay. However, I remember in my teens (late 60's-1970s) the SF Board of health came down hard on the chinese restaurants in Chinatown. For like 20 years, I wouldn't eat at a chinese restaurant. Now it all depends - I admit I do have some issues after that. Then in the 1990's, my friend and her family got shigella poisoning and almost died at my favorite Mexican place. The health department closed them down and they did a complete sweep and the findings were disgusting. 4 people did die at my favorite restaurant. The food was so good - Ignorance is bliss. Now I know too much.

  15. If I was limited to one ethnicity's cuisine for the rest of my life, I would positively choose Chinese. Most especially, I would choose Americanized Chinese. The more the Chinese dumb it down for me, the better I like it! :-)

  16. i hardly ate few times Chinese food in my life as i don't like to go out of taste bud's comfort zone lol

    i hope restaurants are opening slowly and you are able to order your favorite meals :)