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Friday, April 24, 2020

God Bless Freedom of the Press…but

God Bless Freedom of the Press…but

A Cranky Opinion

The following cranky opinion is based on zero expertise on the subject opined.  As always, please keep mean spirited comments to yourselves.  Those comments along with any name calling will be summarily deleted…and that means you, you big stupid-head!

One of the things that makes this country great is our “Freedom of the Press.”  Reporters in this country do not “go missing” after uncovering ineptitude or corruption in our government or other institutions.  The press keeps leaders on their toes and keeps them as honest as is possible.

An important feature of Freedom of Press is our inherent freedom to question the press.  Good news does not sell.  Fear, panic and sensationalism sells.  Reporters tend to gravitate to stories which sell.  Nothing wrong with that, it is just our responsibility to recognize that trend.  While a free press helps keep us free, it can also be dangerous if it is left unquestioned.
“Where did this rant come from Cranky?”

I just read an article that questions the safe use of ACE inhibitor drugs.

 “Scientists (usually unnamed) are studying the use of ACE inhibitor drugs and breathing issues of Covid-19.”

This is a scary headline, especially for those like Mrs. C who take such a drug to keep her blood pressure under control.

Apparently a huge percentage of those who suffer and die from Covid-19 are users of ACE inhibitor drugs.  “Scientists” are studying this disturbing correlation.  It may be that these drugs while lowering blood pressure, also somehow assist the virus in attacking the lungs.  Worth looking into…of course, but worthy of a headline?  I think not.

First of all the virus is especially brutal to people  with conditions that have made ACE inhibitor drugs an important treatment.  Mrs. C’s blood pressure before the drugs, gave her serious headaches almost every day.  She was a candidate for a stroke or worse.  Her pressure is now normal, actually it is in the excellent range and she has not suffered a related headache since she has been taking a low dose of the drug.

Is the ACE inhibitor drug assisting Covid-19 in attacking the lungs, or is the condition that the drug treats what makes the virus extra dangerous?
If it is the condition itself, then not taking the drug would not only be more dangerous for the virus, but may injure or KILL those who rely on the drug.  If the drug itself actually is dangerous if you have the virus, then those with existing conditions need to be extra careful, which is just what most people are doing.

This reporting may well cause some people to stop taking a drug that is saving their lives, in order to prevent a virus from taking their lives.
If a study claims that swimming with great white sharks while using life saving medicine is more dangerous than swimming with great white sharks without taking life saving medication, then should you stop taking life saving medication, or try to stay away from great white sharks?

Freedom of press is very important, but so is thinking about everything you read.


  1. My experiences with the press over time have shown me that the press will, in most cases, provide only part of the story, allowing folks, who read the crap they print, to reach the wrong conclusion. Publishing information out of context is not a crime, unfortunately, only immoral.

  2. I'm like Mrs. C. I need my blood pressure meds cause I can't live with the headaches if I don't have them. We are taking all precautions but its impossible to guard us from everything. Like bacon.

  3. I have an autoimmune disease and I agree, the press needs to stop with the scare tactics. Interesting how there's been no mention about those who smoke pot and the danger with their lungs and Covid. Just saying.

  4. You might be interested in this article: It supports the media's inflammatory reporting on COVID-19, and is a really interesting read....

  5. I saw an article at the beginning of this all that said if you had A-positive blood you might be more susceptible to get the virus because a lot of Chinese people with that blood type contracted it. News is desperate to find any type of story related to the virus. Seems like research should focus on finding a cure and not try to find ways to link this to other things that are not a possibility or remote at best.


  6. #1: expertise has no 'c'
    #2 always stay away from great white sharks
    #3 ignore sensationalist headlines and follow your doctor's guide regarding medications

    1. On the matter of sharks. You are more likely to be killed by a wild hippopotamus in Africa than being killed by a shark. This is because there are no sharks in the middle of the jungle where hippos are. And if there is one, then you deserve being bitten by it because you took him there in your luggage. Leave sharks in the sea; not in your luggage in the jungle.

      God bless.

  7. I will not comment about what you are writing about as I know nothing on the subject. However, I agree with you that often newspapers (and sometimes TV/radio) go for a sensationalist approach to sell papers. And often their unsubstantiated articles can cause more panic and fear than they are meant to inform and alleviate. You are also right in saying people should think about what they read. Unfortunately, (here in the UK), many people take newspaper headlines at face value and they DO panic and act accordingly.

    Thank you JoeH for your sometime serious articles here. God bless.

  8. The trouble with all this information is that it leaves us helpless. I will hear some new finding and think, Oh good I am not in that group. Then, aww crap,another report puts me feet first in the category of those first to go. We just have to realize that all the experts really don't know anything for sure right now.

  9. Yes, you definitely have to look into information on your own, from different sources. Every day there's a new symptom of the virus! It's almost to the point that if you're breathing and have a heartbeat, you must have it!

  10. Are you sure you were only an average student in school? If so, it was the teaching style, not your smarts or thinking ability.