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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Now I am Cranky! Also an apology or two

Now I am Cranky!

Yes, I am really cranky.  That is probably why Mrs. C  slapped that moniker on me years ago.  Yet, until this stay-at-home thing started, I did not really know what cranky is.

Since being pent up inside this house, I have sarcastically lambasted one blogger, a very nice fellow who did not deserve lambasting, and made a mean response to a really nice lady across the ocean.  It is not me, I am Cranky, but that level of cranky is all the fault of the virus.

As long as I am cranky, I am going to go off on something that is not so personal.

Power cords!


I destroy power cords.  Most of our electronics these days are portable.  The power cords I use are carried around and hooked up in different places in different ways, at different angles.  This puts stress on the connections and after time they crap out.

My beef is that all these cord connections are different.  One end of the cord connections seems finally to be universal, but the end connecting to the device is different for every phone, computer, reader, or GPS device that I own.

How friggin hard is it to make these connections universal, or at least provide adapters so I can get by with only one or two of these power cords?  

We don’t have different outlets in our homes.  Somehow a universal outlet has been established.  Why can’t we do the same for power cords?

Batteries are either AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt, etc.  There is not a different size for every remote or flashlight based on year or manufacturer.  If I needed a new spark plug for my car (do cars still use spark plugs?), I don’t go to the store and ask for a #18 2009 Kia Sorento spark plug.  I just buy a damn spark plug.  Why can’t I do that with power cords?

The power cord to my upstairs computer just crapped out after only two years.  Can I just go to Best Buy and buy a new one for $5?
No I cannot.
Even if Best Buy was open, I could not.  Best Buy does not carry 1137 different power cords that will be obsolete before they can sell them.  I have to go on the internet and order them at about 7 times more money than they would cost if they all had universal connections.

I have to wait several days for a new power cord and it IS MAKING ME EXTRA CRANKY!!!

The Presidential candidate that promises to make universal connections on electronic devices mandatory will get my vote.  The economy is difficult. Equal rights are not easy.  Healthcare is very difficult.  Clean inexpensive energy is extra difficult.

Universal device power cord connections?

As one candidate would say “Come on man!”

To anyone I have offended with a cranky outburst recently, it is not my fault. Blame the virus.

Still, I'm sorry.


  1. Actually, only today I went out to buy a #18 2009 Kia Sorento spark plug. The shop did not have any. It was an ice cream shop and the owner said he had to close because of lock-down.

    I agree with your crankiness though. I have difficulties with these new energy saving light bulbs. They tell you how many lumens they have but you do not know how this equates with the old style watts; and whether they are brighter or not or whether they use more electricity or not, and will they go as far away when you throw them out in disgust out of your window. These new light bulbs take so long to brighten up that I am already downstairs before the light has come on.

    God bless.

    1. And another thing ... try to compare different cell-phone contracts in the UK. One company gives you x minutes FREE calls per month, another gives you FREE downloads instead, or cheaper calls within a set time period e.g. midnight to 6:00am. Another allows you unlimited data connections to the internet and so on. Why can't they have contracts that allow you to compare like with like?

      Same for electricity contracts for your house. Or telephone services. Or other utilities. They all have different contract terms and you can't compare to find what is best for you.

      I think this crankiness thing is catching over here too. I am very cranky right now and need a drink. Whisky and Guinness will do.

      God bless you in your crankiness, JoeH.

  2. I think all of us are getting a bit testy these days. Now I'm hoping I didn't offend you in any of my comments and if I did, please forgive me. I bet my hubby would agree with your thoughts about power cords. We sure have a lot of them here so there must be a reason we have so many, unless he is just hoarding them for the next pandemic when power cords became just as hard to find as toilet paper did this time around.


    1. No one offended me, I acted like a jerk of stupid politics with AD, and the got in a thin skin snit over a spelling correction. Mrs. C calls me a jerk for a reason.

  3. I've had them fit and still not work. You can't win with power cords.

  4. Universal cords! Wouldn't that be wonderful. My laptop cords don't seem to wear out, but that's because I leave it plugged into the one spot where I most often use it, when I take the laptop to another room, it runs on battery until I need to connect it again. I've noticed the cords for my phone and kindle are interchangeable and I have a replacement on standby that I picked up fairly cheaply from Officeworks. The cord for my favourite mp3 player is the only different one, so I'm careful with it because I probably can't get a replacement.

  5. It seems like every phone needs a different charger. And ANOTHER one for the car. Surely precious resources are being wasted, yet we're concerned about plastic straws!

    1. I have invented straws made from re-cycled bricks. You drill a hole through an old brick ... et voila!

      God bless.

  6. I'm saying nothing because I haven't a clue about these things. I have to rely on my ability to call someone out to fix things....lolol.

  7. Joe at least you don't keep stuff bottled up inside :) I understand where you're coming from, these are some weird times we're in. And boy are you right on target about all these damn connectors, I recently had to order a cord-battery on Ebay for my HP laptop because the ones from my old Dell, my old Toshiba & my OLD HP laptop still work, but are all incompatible.. and why doesn't the same cord connect to my 3 different e-readers when they're all Barnes & Noble?? I want to clean out the cord drawer in my kitchen but I know if I throw any out, it'll come back to bite me in the--you know!

  8. Having traveled overseas, I can certainly emphathize with all differenttypes of charging!!

  9. Think there would be a good market for adapters. Phew, you make me so happy that I have so few electronics (one laptop) and no cell signal here so no smart phone. Even my 2 Kindles work off the same cord. And here all this time I was feeling underprivileged, I was actually really lucky. Thanks.

  10. At Wal-Mart, i bought a power cord that has a Micro USB end, and attached both a USBC adapter and a Smartphone/Lightening adapter. One cord can be used for 3 different devices. It would still be nicer if they'd make all of the devices take the same cord, anyway.

  11. You say universal power cords - I say dreamer.
    You’d have to say bad things about my mama to crank me up mister.