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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Selling Stuff To Strangers

Selling Stuff To Strangers
A few weeks ago, Mrs. C listed some luggage for sale on Facebook.  She bought the luggage from someone who had won it at a casino.  It was several pieces of top-notch stuff, brand new, worth around $400.  She paid $120 before deciding she did not need it. 

(I think she was going to make it a present for someone who turns out did not need it.)

Anyway, she listed the luggage on Facebook for $200, someone offered her $160 and she said yes.

“How are you going to complete this transaction, I hate having strangers come to the house?”

“She suggested a place where we can meet.”

“I don’t like that; someone could just steal the luggage…hell maybe even take your car!  You don’t know anything about this person.”

“I know, that’s why you’re coming with me.”

“Hell, how does this person know we won’t just take her money and run?”

“She doesn’t.”

“I’m just not liking this very much.”

“We can be careful, check the place out and not stop if it looks like a setup.”

We proceeded to the location the buyer suggested, a parking lot about 10 miles away.  It was at a local Police Station.  The lot had a camera in plain sight covering several spaces in the lot above a sign.
Safe exchange zone, specifically for sale of internet items, and child custody transfers. 

The lady showed up minutes later.  She was very happy with the bargain luggage; we were very happy with the $160.  Everyone felt very safe.

“Well, that was easy.”

“That is a great idea!”


  1. I like that idea for a transfer/collection place. If anything goes wrong the cops are right there! I'm trying to sell some furniture on Gumtree, but not getting any takers yet, even with advertising below a third of the original price.

  2. I'm glad you didn't get taken for a ride when Mrs. C took you for a ride to sell her bargain casino luggage. The police station over in Bill-Paying Town has a similar area for these transactions. Hick sells his online stuff at the parking lot of the storage units, which is clearly visible to passing traffic, and has surveillance cameras.

  3. I've not heard of that sort of Safe Zone, but what a great idea.

  4. I have heard of the Safe Zone and I think its a great idea. It might even be available here in the Phoenix area. Son has bought/sold some things on Offer Up and has always met in public places. I mainly give things away on Craigslist or the like and keep the items in the garage. I text hubby the phone number of the person coming to get the item, text him when they show up and text him when they leave. Granted it could be a fake number, but perhaps a paper trail?


  5. I would have been somewhat reluctant to go through with something like that, but being near policemen is reassuring.

  6. That is a brilliant idea. My extra wide driveway is the local child custody transfer location.

    1. Patti, for real? That's really interesting. Had no idea these "safe zones" even existed...

  7. That could have gone poorly, but pick-up place was well chosen.

  8. Safe zones. That is a great idea.

  9. The safe exchange site is a GREAT idea. I’m going to suggest that at the cities that I cover for the paper.

  10. It's becoming common for the very reason to have such exchange locations. Happy Selling!

  11. totally new thing to know about :)
    glad mr C got good deal