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Friday, December 6, 2019

IF Your Toilet is Running Do you Have To Catch It?

IF Your Toilet is Running Do you Have To Catch It?


“What?” When I am called by my proper name it is never a good thing.

“The toilet is running”

“It will stop, it always takes a long time to fill up.”

“You need to jiggle it.”

“It will stop.”

“It’s been running for five minutes.”

“OK, I’ll jiggle it.”

This friggin toilet in our guest bathroom takes forever to fill.  Sometimes it just keeps running, and you have to jiggle the handle to make it stop. 

Now I know some readers are going to offer suggestions on how to fix this.  Knock yourself out, they don’t work.  I’ve tried all the fixes.  They don’t work.  Well I may think they work for a while, but it is an intermittent issue.

Jiggling the handle immediately after flushing does not work.  You have to jiggle only after it is apparent the tank will not fill to the shutoff level.

Yes, we’ve tried that…doesn’t work.  I told you we’ve tried everything.

Now after every flush I have to hang around for about three minutes.  If it doesn’t stop running, I jiggle the handle.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to jiggle and before I touch the handle the tank is filled and the running stops.

This makes me figure I have to let it run longer.  That is when I get the “Joseph!” call from Mrs. C.

We did that also… I told you we’ve tried everything. Why do some readers have to try and solve every problem?

I think I waste about an hour a week of my life waiting to see if I have to jiggle that stupid handle or not.

What...why not just use a different toilet, don’t you have more than one? 

Ok, now that is a good suggestion!


  1. My suggestion, buy a new toilet that isn't energy saving.

  2. We had a toilet that did the same thing, Like you, I tried to tweak everything I could think of (I'm an engineer; they make us sign something that says we'll always try to tweak stuff) - shorten the chain, lengthen the chain, hook the chain to the 'flush arm' at the longer or shorter settings, replace the 'guts' of the water closet. Nothing worked, so when we finally got tired of constantly jiggling the handle, we just said, uh, p**s on it, and bought a new toilet. . .

    I had to laugh at Jean's comment; here in Michigan, there's actually an underground black market for Canadian toilets (they don't have restrictions on gallons per flush). . .

  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha. I wouldn't use that restroom either if I had a choice. Pain in the butt.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joseph. Bwahahahahahahaha. 😎

  4. Our half bath toilet has been running for a YEAR! It will just start at random times during the day and night with no relation to how long the last time it was flushed. We wanted to remodel that bathroom, so we put off replacement, but it's still on the back burner of projects. You're right, nothing works.

  5. All right, Joe, because you're a good friend, here is your solution. Don't flush!

  6. Have you tried switching the lights on and off twice in the bathroom? Or slamming the door a few times. Alternatively, leaving a window open. It may not fix the problem but at least it shows you're doing something about it.

    God bless.

  7. I guess putting an outhouse in your yard is out of the question? It won't run, and you won't have to jiggle it. There might be some fines from your whatever-you-call-it association, but you wouldn't be on jiggle duty. Might need to invest in a baseball bat to leave in there for smashing spiders and daddy-long-legs. Surely Mrs. C would appreciate such a solution. Especially in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter.

  8. Mrs C heard it running and didn't get in there and jiggle the dooverlacky herself? shame on her.
    Call a plumber and get it properly fixed.

    1. Ummm Great advice. Perhaps you didn't see where We've tried EVERYTHING!

  9. Bring a book in there. At least you can read while you are waiting to see if the running stops.

  10. oh an hour in week
    this sounds costly effort dear Joe
    we have four bathroom plus toilet and no problem with them until now :)