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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Mystery Solved

Mystery Solved
I have many sets of glasses for driving and watching TV.  I can get around without these glasses, but they do make vision at distances over eight feet more comfortable.  I also have three pairs of readers.  I don’t need them except for really small print.  Since I spend so much time without needing glasses, I leave a pair of both kinds on each floor of the house, so I always have them handy when I do need them.

Yesterday I could not find one pair of the distance glasses.

“I can’t believe I am missing a pair of glasses.”

“Could you have left them somewhere outside the house?”

“No, I wore them bowling and driving home.  I would miss them driving so I know I had them.  They have to be in the house.”

“Did you check all the bathrooms, sometimes you leave them there?”


“The car.”

“No way, I always wear them into the house.”

“They’ll turn up somewhere.”

“If they are missing, it must be your fault.”

“Why my fault?”

“Because I can’t blame myself, isn’t that what wives are for…blame?”

“You’re a jerk!”

“Wait.  When I was bowling, you called and said for me to call you at work when I got home.  Then I called and you wanted me to give you some information on size and model of your workout sneakers.”


“So I had to get my readers to see the information on the inside of your shoe.”


“So I had to take off my regular glasses and get the readers.  I called you from the front door.  I must have taken the glasses and put them somewhere by the door.  See, it was your fault”

“Why was that my fault.”

“You distracted me.  You know I can’t change my routines.”

“Just go see if that is where you left your glasses.

I went to the front door and did not find them.  Then I went over to where her sneaker was.  I found the glasses.  If I hadn’t been able to backtrack my movements, I would not have found these glasses for months.

They were on a living room chair, a chair that we never sit on.

If I really needed glasses, I would not have found these.


  1. It's still her fault for calling you about the sneakers.

  2. I often blame my spouse for distracting me!

  3. I only have two pair of active glasses; one for normal everyday wear ( trifocals ) and one pair that are for when I am on my computers ( yes, I have two computers side by side; one that is connected to the internet and the other on which I play games [ usually at the same time ] ). My computer glasses have only one of the focal lengths, that of about an arms length. Ideal for when I am on the computer(s), but if I need to read something ( i.e. a dictionary because my spelling is not the best ), I have to switch glasses. Somewhat of a pain, but such is life. This, I am sure, is much more information than you needed or wanted, but such is the life of a blogger; also, it gives you something else to be cranky about.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    P.S.: I am known in my family as ' grumpy '.

  4. The good thing about this was that you were able to retract your steps and then find the glasses eventually. My hubby always assumes if he can't find something that I moved it. I'm guilty of that about 10% of the time. Enough said.


  5. Maybe you should just wear them on chains around your neck!

  6. What Val said might work. Or not. Never a dull moment in your house.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  7. Too funny. So my husband isn't the only one losing his eyeglasses.

  8. Haha--Joe I curse myself at least once daily for this very thing. I just got out of the shower an hour ago, when I went to my bureau to put 'em back on--nope, not there. "Doug you son of a $%#^$!" (They were on top of my microwave to remind me to clean 'em!)

  9. Dang, now I know what I have been missing. Someone to blame besides myself.

  10. I think I blogged about this but I found a pair of reading glasses that I had been missing for about six months. They finally fell out of the inner workings of my recliner. But I had looked in the recliner more than once. Where they were all that time I have no idea.

  11. What a scream! You should sell tickets to your arguments:)

  12. I'm always losing readers! I need to go get my eyes checked by a real doc instead of the dollar store eye chart. I lost my last pair at the cemetery. I found them the next day right where I park my car. I also found them broken because I drove over them when I left the cemetery. I guess I could blame my in-laws since they are buried where I park the car when I walk Arnold and I probably dropped them looking at their headstones. Works for me.

  13. My uncle lived to be 99 and never used glasses. He drank straight from the bottle.

    God bless.

  14. I daren't take my specs off because I would never know where to find them. Believe me, it's worse when you live alone. I mean, I no longer have anyone to blame for anything.

  15. Omgosh. I retrace my steps for one thing or the other every single day. Tonight it was a demo cloth I used for sewing. I couldn't find it anywhere and then I remembered I threw it away... Backtracking all the way to the trash and I have no one to blame but me! - As for "readers." I have a pair OR TWO in every room of the house, two in my car and the expensive pair the eye doc prescribed that do no better than the "readers" from the drug store but they are cuter. :)

  16. My Sweetie loses his stuff all day long, and i no longer panic. Except on very rare occasion, it always turns up.

  17. oh from here you could have not found them for sure dear Joe ,they are almost invisible with belief that "you would not look for them here " weird place to be for glasses lol
    how wonderful that Mr C went back into memory lane
    that always work for me either :)