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Friday, December 27, 2019

Hang On Snoopy

Hang On Snoopy

River, that blogger from down-under who often serves as my spelling editor, had a recent post about traditions.  It prompted this old memory.

Years ago, my mom was gifted a rubber squeaky toy “Snoopy”.  You know, that cartoon pet of Charlie Brown, and the fighter pilot who took down the Red Baron in his puppy dreams.

Anyway, this toy was a semi-joke from I-don't-remember-who, as my mom enjoyed the “Peanuts” cartoon and Snoopy in particular.

She kept the Snoopy toy on her bedroom dresser.  For some reason, one day I decided to hide Snoopy.

“Has anyone seen Snoopy. He has gone away?”

“No idea mom.”

“Hey, what is Snoopy doing in the refrigerator?”

“Gee mom, I guess he was hungry.”

All through High School, maybe once a month I would hide Snoopy.

Mom would never say anything other than,

“Snoopy was in the closet this morning, I guess he wandered around and got locked in.”

“Guess so mom, he does that a lot.”

We had our own silly game.

Years later when ever I came home from college, I would always make sure to hide Snoopy before I went back to school. 

Mom would find Snoopy in a cabinet, or on the toilet seat, anywhere she could find him with minimal effort.  It was a silly game we continued to play every time I visited, even when I was well into my thirties…maybe longer.

I don’t know what happened to that silly pup, she had him for years.  So long that he lost his squeak and his black nose was turning white.

Just a silly tradition.

My son, child number three, ever the enterprising entrepreneur, once suggested after hearing of this game,

“You could make that tradition into a business.  Hiding a toy during Christmas for the children to find everyday could go viral.  Pretty soon everyone would have to have that toy as everyone’s children would expect to play the game all during the Christmas Season.  Maybe make it a Christmas related toy…like an Elf!”
Pooch on the Loose?

Of course, I laughed at him.  Kids! What a stupid idea.  

After the Blog Post : I just got a note from my Sister (in-law) that she still has Snoopy and sent a picture to prove it

Original is on the right

I told her the next time I visit, I am hiding him!


  1. It's a brilliant idea. What a fun thing you did with your mom and that dog.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. 😎

  2. That kid will be able to buy and sell you someday.

  3. Damn! Someone else is always quick to pull the trigger on those ideas!

  4. A Snoopy Elf!! I love him, he's to cute for words. Where can I get one? I know an almost two year old who would love him. The game is actually a good idea.

  5. My husband always wanted to make a wheelchair so people could roll around standing up, not sitting down. To look people in the eye. I told him that would be hard to do. Years later, I saw a Segway. Not really a wheelchair, but it had elements of the contraption he was thinking about.

  6. I heard on a podcast this morning how much the women who invented Elf on a Shelf made their first year. I was trying to figure out what we did that could produce such a revenue. I'm still thinking....

    I do like what you and your mom did with the hiding of Snoopy. Families need that.


  7. It is good to have fond traditions. They comfort us in difficult times.

    Best wishes to you and your family always.

    God bless you all.

  8. What a lovely thing! I bet your Mom enjoyed the game as much as you did. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Such a rascal you were but I am sure your Mom loved it as much as you did. Now how to make "Hide a Snoopy" as popular as the Elf. Go for it.

  10. Loved this. What fun you and your Mom must have had.

  11. What a fun game the two of you had, i am sure your mom enjoyed it and was glad that you thought of her every time you came by and hid Snoopy.