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Monday, December 2, 2019

Best in Show…REALLY?

Best in Show…REALLY?

I love The Dog Show.   By “The” dog show I guess I mean the Westminster Dog Show, that seems to be the big one, but there are many dog shows.  People love their dogs, they love to show their dogs. I love watching them show their dogs.

I do have a beef with these shows.  The choice of “Best in Show.”

If I understand it correctly the dogs compete in various categories.  The winners of those categories then compete for the best dog in the show.

To me, every dog in these shows is beautiful in its own way.  The best of breed is picked as the dog that most meets the requirements of that particular breed.  The best of breeds then compete in their own group category, for instance “Herding Group” or “Sporting Group.” Finally, the best in groups compete for best in show.

The best in show is usually the most poofy, fluffy, dandy of a sissy dog, or one of the ugliest breeds known to the vast dog world.

Poodles, Bichon Frises, Papillons and Pekinese are always in the running.  Terriers are loved by the judges for their coats and regal tail in the air trot.  The judges love these fluffy brushed out fancy dogs.

Every once in a while, to deflect from the fluffy dog image, the winner is a Bloodhound, a Pincher, or even a Deerhound.  Nice dogs, but come on, they are not attractive dogs, they are a bit ugly and almost no one actually owns one of these breeds unless they are tracking escaped convicts, deer, or who knows what a pincher is good for.  Occasionally the judges choose an ugly dog as proof that they judge based on breed perfection, not just “pretty Dogs.”

The other day, the best in show winner of a National Dog Show was a Bulldog.  Now I love bulldogs.  They are lovable big mushes of a breed, but really…What are the requirements of a bulldog? Bowlegs? Slobbery smushed in face? Crooked jaw with bottom teeth sticking out?

I love bulldogs, but they should never be BEST in any show!

Meanwhile, the most popular dog breed in this country for the last forty years are the Labrador and Golden Retrievers.

These are beautiful, playful, working dogs.  Great with children and families and hunting dogs to boot.  A Golden or a Lab has not won best in show in any major dog show EVER!

The most popular dog breeds in the country for like FOREVER has not once won a beauty contest which is the most subjective contest in the world.  There is no talent portion, no political question asked, no parading in a fancy collar, just trot around a circle and don’t bite the judge. 

Not one Lab or Golden has ever won? Ridiculous.

The Labrador and Golden Retrievers are the Susan Lucci’s of dog shows.  I’ve had it.  Until one of these great breeds wins Best in Show, I am done with the Dog Show. 


  1. I always root for a winner from the working group, or my personal favorite, the herding group. Because they're more than just a pretty (or ugly) face.

  2. i like watching people showing their pets with pride dear Joe

    inevitably i think about looser more than winners
    i think breed is not guarantee for the victory

  3. Me being a dog lover, it is quite understandable that I would LOVE this post. They should all get a 1st certificate.

  4. I personally think that Dachshunds are also left out in the cold. Of course they are little stubborn brats that go their own way and absolutely refuse to be trained, but I still think they should win. That being said, I love all dogs no matter what they look like.

  5. We love to watch the show. My favorites are always in the hound category. What bothers me most are the clothes the women wear who walk the dogs. It reminds me of my grandma in the 1960's.

  6. Best in Show is the one living in your home.

    One of my favorite movies is Best in Show. It was hysterical.

  7. Did you hear us screaming? The Golden was ROBBED!
    I admit I am a Labrador lover. I own one a beauty right now. But that Golden was a beautiful specimen of its breed. Cute enough bulldog but best dog? Not even close!!!

  8. We do tend to root for our favorites that have graced our homes at one time or another. I always pull for the Basenji, Greyhound, Great Dane or Chihuahua. Nope none of mine ever make the cut. I have often not watched Best in Show much for the same reasons as you.

  9. We always root for the corgis who rarely win though I consider them the best!


  10. My favorites are the small terriers, Yorkies, Westies, Cairn Terriers. Oh, well.

  11. There are dog shows on TV? Huh.

  12. Hahahahaha. I watched this too and really, there are just as many ugly dogs as there are pretty ones. I don't get those skinny, praying mantis looking dogs. How do you snuggle up with that? Or the way they blow out the sheepdog. We had a sheepdog. He looked just like a Disney dog. I never once blew his hair into a giant afro! Also. Yeah. The bulldogs are cool and wonderful but definitely not best in show. I like the afghans!