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Thursday, December 19, 2019



I’m sorry, but I hate Christmas.  I used to love Christmas.  Decorations, a tree, Santa, Christmas music, presents, happy children, smiles from everyone…I used to love Christmas.  Now; not so much.

I hate putting up decorations and then taking them down, but I do enjoy other people’s decorations.

We basically put up no decorations or tree, there are no children around here on Christmas, so it just seems a waste.

Christmas music is not really Christmas music anymore.  Apparently anything that smells of the real meaning of Christmas is offensive to some people, so the media is full of “Mommy Kissing Santa” “Grandma Run Down by a Reindeer” “Dominic the Christmas Donkey” and Friggin “Rudolph”! There are no good old classic  Christmas carols; mustn’t offend anyone.     

I hate giving and getting presents.

I have no idea what my grandchildren want, I think they pretty much have whatever they need and more than enough stuff that they don’t need.  My children seem to be doing fine and I have no idea what they might want or need.  So, I send checks.  Not much, just to say Merry Christmas.  It is not the same thrill that Christmas used to be when children got all excited over everything from a new bike to handkerchiefs from Aunt Edna.

Mrs. C told me what she wanted, even sent a link to Amazon.  Well that will make a great surprise, but I went to the link anyway.  It was

I picked the item and it needed my sign-in and password.  It did not like my password even though it was my password.  I got a new one-time-only PW from Amazon and proceeded to buy my item which now somehow was up to three items in the cart.  Pretty sure Mrs. C only wants one.  ARRRRGGGHHH!  It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to make the cart zero items and just signed out.

I give up.  I told Mrs. C to order it herself as she knows how to do it and now, I have to figure something else for her.  I hate Christmas!

I even hate getting presents.  There is nothing I want that anyone getting me a present could afford.  So, I want nothing.  A cigar, golf balls and another tee-shirt that says I’m cranky or grumpy or stupid and I’m fine.

So, I’m sorry, I know Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but I just can’t get in the spirit.  Mrs. C just spent $250 on sending cards.  I only know a few of these people and Mrs. C hasn’t seen any of them in years.  I know most of these people will look at them and say, “That’s nice” and then toss the card!

I’m glad Jesus was born.  It is great to remember his birth and all he brings to the lives of Christians.  I am just done with the required Christmas celebration.

OK, I like the food and I like seeing family but otherwise…Bah Humbug.

Now I’m afraid to go to sleep and meet all those ghosts.


  1. It has become rather tedious, just because of the push starting in September. I refuse to listen to Christmas music unless I'm at church or it's Christmas Eve/Day. I bought clothes and toys for the grandkids, but since they are only 2 YO and a 4 month old, they actually needed stuff.

  2. Christmas has nothing to do with all the commercial and pagan things that have attached themselves to this Christian holiday. You can give them all up and just try to live like a good Christian in 2020 and that will be enough.

  3. I agree with you, I'm not in a Christmas spirit this year either. My grandson and granddaughter came up yesterday and put my Christmas tree up I had about sided to not have one this year. I don't care for gifts I have all I need and more just praying for good health.

  4. I have just bought a massive REAL Christmas tree from a shop nearby. Because of its size the assistant asked me, "Are you going to put it up yourself?"

    "No ..." I replied, I am going to put it in the living room!"

    God bless.

  5. I was mailing a package out a few weeks ago and the lady before me was sending 5 boxes (not big size boxes) overseas to Japan. She had to go through customs, all those forms. Cost to mail those 5 boxes was $259! I was like "send money or something else" but of course I didn't say it out loud. I am not fond of Christmas. I think the older we get and if we don't have young ones around, its hard to stay in the spirit of it. No tree or decorations here though hubby did put up a string of lights outside. I don't even think we are seeing son/family on Christmas this year due to their plans and its all right with me. Hubby and me haven't exchanged gifts in years. We, like you, have everything we want/need and if we find we need/want something we go and buy it.


  6. Kind of agree with you Joe. Without being a kid or seeing kids tear through the wrapping paper, the gift giving part has lost its magic.
    Took me a minute to get Victor's comment. He is a funny guy also.

  7. You are not a humbug, You are realistic about how difficult the season has become.

    How i would love if we all exchanged gifts like small baskets of fruit and nuts, or gave each other new mittens or ear muffs. Decorating could be simply displaying the cards we were sent. Simple, and more than enough to honor the Savior who lived most of his life as a working man.

  8. I loved the idea of christmas, of getting things for people, of wrapping, of caroling, all of it. But one by one the people disappeared, the way people do, and now it's just us and I really can't see the point any longer in putting up a tree for a week or two and then taking it down again. The candles in the windows were nice too, but this is a big house, and turning 27 of these things on and off every night gets old very fast.
    when I was younger i was apalled that my much older friends no longer put up that tree or did the xmassy stuff. Now I understand why.

    I guess I miss the Xmas that was, not the one that is. You only get one chance at was, anyway. Oh forgive me, I just went all existential there. I'll try to do better.

    1. A candle in EVERY window?? Just have one or even two in one window in the room that can be seen from the road or coming up your garden path.

  9. $250 just on cards?? I spent less than that on gifts for four kids and four grandkids and I bought a couple of gifts for my brother's grandson, since he is the only kid left in the entire family who is under ten.

    1. Tell me about it! 50 cents just for a stamp and then lots of cards sent. Cards for family about $5 a pop...AAAARRRRGGG!

      She could wish everyone a merry Christmas on email for zip!

  10. With your writing talent I can't believe you don't do one of those "newsy..look how fabulous our lives have been this year" card/newsletter from the Cranky's. That's a card I love to receive! Ha! Well, anyway...Merry Christmas!

  11. P.S..I should tell you about the Christmas gift I got at our family celebration in Chicago. It's a poop emoji that has antlers, spins around and farts Christmas carols...I kid you not. I re-gifted it to our Doc that does colonoscopies...he loved it.

  12. We have a Christmas tree. Sure, it's been up since last year. Only the top third of the lights are working. I'm not in the Christmas spirit. FedEx won't deliver on our ice road, and has been driving the post office crazy by sending out emails to pick up packages there.

    I have to cook the big meal for Saturday evening to accommodate Pittsburgh-dwelling Genius. But I do love having my boys home for the holiday. Even though this year we will sit round the dark tree, scratching lottery tickets, with only a couple of other gifts.

  13. Since hubby died my old appetite for decorating a Christmas tree etc has declined to not doing anything at all. No point really with only me to gaze a it. Even sending cards to neighbours gets to be a chore.

  14. We sent out about 25 or so cards this year. A number of the people who used to get them are dead now so it wouldn't mean as much to them. SWMBO put up her traditional little Christmas scenes and hung a wreath on the front door. We went to several stores yesterday and bought way too much food for the two of us but then...
    Other than that, we feel about the same as you about the Christmas season. Let's just get it over with.

  15. okay that was scary read dear Joe honestly

    i always been afraid of being that mmm.......what should i say 'lifeless would be too loud i think the inability to feel happy anymore
    i was and am so afraid and i thin life becomes waste if we don't feel happy anymore or atleast we try to look

    i want to hug Mr C who sent cards to people whom she won't meet in future near probably ,still when they will open and say "this is nice of her" words will blow away with words may be but the slightest joy dropped in their heart will reward to your wonderful lady somehow
    this is my Faith ,i know sound stupid but i am fine