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Tuesday, December 10, 2019



What is genius?  Sure, Einstein was a genius.  He solved difficult issues of physics that few people understood the issue, never mind the solution.  So, genius is being several steps ahead of the most intellectual persons in a given venue or endeavor?

Google defines genius as: exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

That means almost nothing to me, but then I am clearly not a genius.

I must say though I have seen an example of genius in the art world only recently.

An artist took a banana and taped it to a museum wall and declared it a piece of art.  Now, people laughed at this assertion and poked fun at how ridiculous it was to declare a banana taped to a wall to be art, and yet there it was…a banana in a museum taped to the wall with lines of people to view it.


In a way, part of the genius is to take a creation of God, and declare it a work of art, which of course it actually is.  Come on now, a banana is delicious, it has its own protective cover that is easily opened and can even be re-covered to finish the delicacy within at a later date.

Genius! The banana like all creations of God is GENIUS, and this “artist” recognized that and took credit for God’s art work by simply taping it to a wall.

Now the banana could not last forever on the wall, so the artist issued a certificate of “original art” and deemed it acceptable to replace the banana with a new one as needed.  The certificate assured the continued value of the “banana art”.  Genius!

Apparently, he got someone to pay $120,000 for the banana, the duct tape and the certificate.  If that is not GENIUS, I don’t know what is.

Then, I read what is truly genius, an act of genius that surpasses even the genius of taping a banana to a wall and declaring it to be art.

Someone who calls himself a “Performance Artist” came into the museum, took the $120,000 banana off the wall and ate it!

Performance art; to simply eat a banana that was simply taped to a wall and sold for $120,000.

That is GENIUS that even Einstein could have never imagined.

E+MC2?  Yeah right; like anyone really has a concept of what that means. 

But eating a $120,000 banana taped to a museum wall? Even I can recognize the genius in that act.

Who could think of taping the banana to a wall as art?  Who could think of eating the banana as performance art?

Only a GENIUS!


  1. this one made me laugh dear Joe (hope i did not hurt the feeling of genius)

    i am not even smart enough to understand that what theory could be this display ,i mean banana is work of art by God obviously but tapping it on wall is beyond my tiny head really
    if one who tapped it mentioned his approach for his act ,this can help fools like me
    hope one who ate it does not have to pay 1200.000 dollars

  2. Why did the person who bought the banana not have it delivered home?

    God bless.

  3. I am looking at a bowl of bananas right now and wondering if.......

  4. I will never ever understand "art". Not with my feeble brain. However God's art with sunsets, thunder clouds, spring flowers - that my brain understands.

  5. Genius and Insanity are closely related.

  6. I know, my head is still shaking over the whole episode from art to belly.

  7. it reminded me of the play which I believe was based on a true story but who knows...the guy bought a very expensive piece of art. It was a white canvas. He hung it proudly and his friends would say, it's just a white canvas why would you pay hundreds of thousands for it? Genius who pulls it off and stupid who buys it.

    1. Some fool bought a plain white canvas? Paid real money?

  8. The Washington Post had something to say about this this morning -

  9. I liked what Bijoux said. I think this sums the whole banana taped to the wall incident. A bit of genius and a bit of insanity.


  10. It is certainly money making genius, if nothing else.

  11. Whoever paid that $120,000 is the biggest fool I must say, or he must be so overloaded with "extra cash" that he has no idea what to do with it.

  12. I used to wonder about these "geniuses" and their high-dollar art. Then I read a theory that it's all about money-laundering, that the art itself is not the product that they're actually buying. Must be true...I read it on the innernets!

  13. I’ve been following this story for several days now. Your take on it is better than any of the others I’ve seen.

  14. I don't understand most "art" but I am wondering if the person who paid $120,000 for that, got his money back when it couldn't be delivered because it got eaten.

  15. Genius? I'm not so sure. . . Looks to me like he's just a particularly adept disciple of PT Barnum, who's figured out how to use the pretentious arrogance of the 'art culture' to line his own pockets. . .