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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Mazing Race

A Mazing Race
Sunday Mrs. C and I went to a corn maze with friends.  I am not an adventurist sort.
I was not given a choice. 
I was told we were going. 
The Giants played that night, so my afternoon was reluctantly free.
A local farm carves part of his corn field into a maze and opens it up to the public for a small sum of money.  What a deal, you pay to get impossibly lost in a maze of 8-foot-high corn.  I was told it was an opportunity to “Make a memory.”

I mentioned that I could shoot my foot with a nail gun and also make a memory, but my analogy was ignored. 
The maze thing was on.
The maze was in the shape of a turtle if it was seen from a helicopter. From the ground it was just a lot of corn. 
Now I can get lost on the Garden State Parkway, so a maze was not going to be my cup of tea.  I mentioned that they could make a maze for me in the shape of an arrow…  “Maze travel for dummies” and I still would not find my way out. 
On the other hand, finding her way from point A to point B is Mrs. C’s strength, she has her own internal GPS.  Our friends Tom and Maryann were also up to the challenge. I pretty much just followed, and maybe grumbled, along.
They did give us a map.  I hate maps. 
If you hit a dead end in the maze there was a clue to solving a puzzle which was included with the map hand out.  If you solved the puzzle you won a prize.  I was totally confused.  Was the object to get out of the maze without hitting a dead end, or was it to hit every dead end in order to gather clues and solve the puzzle? 
I was in favor of just finding a way out as fast as possible.
Because we were so good at following the map, and by “we” I mean Mrs. C, Tom and Maryann; we found our way near the exit in just a little over an hour and we only ran into 3 of the 20 dead end clues.  Mrs. C wanted to go back and find the other clues to solve the puzzle.  She really wanted to win a prize.
The puzzle required solving the question, “What are baby turtles called?”  Each clue gave you a letter and when you shuffled the letters around you would find the answer to the question. 
I did not want to go back into the maze to find the clues, so I pulled out my phone and asked Siri, “Siri, what do you call baby turtles?”
Before Siri could respond, “Here is what I found on that,” Maryann responded, “Hatchlings.”
“That fits!”
“Fits what?” Maryann, who did not know the puzzle question, wanted to know.
“The answer to the puzzle.”
We didn’t need the clues, Maryann knew the answer without them.
Problem solved, we did not have to go back into the maze.  We turned in our puzzle answer and won a prize. 
A pencil. “Woot Woot!”
We did make a memory, and it was a little less painful than a nail gun to the foot…a little.


  1. I've been in a few mazes and didn't enjoy them.

  2. I took my middle school students on a field trip to one of those mazes once. Let's just say it was a huge mistake and I never tried it again.

  3. I was lost in a Dillard's department store for 20 minutes, way back in the 80s, at Battlefield Mall in Springfield, Missouri. Darn that circular floor plan and mirrored walls! Thank goodness I was there with a friend, who came looking for me and found me going around and around in circles. I was an accidental mall walker.

    No corn mazes for me. I already have a memory.

  4. I have never been to a corn maze before, I am afrait that I most likely would have hit more than three of the dead ends.

    I'm glad you chose the maze over the nail gun.

  5. I have never been in a maze, but I think I'd like to try one. I know that if I had enough space and time, I'd plant one with the path eventually leading from my gate, which I currently don't have one of, to my front door.

  6. Well, at least you didn't get lost and you made it home in time for the game.
    Win - Win, right?

  7. I beet you'll treasure that I haven't liked mazes since I got lost in one. I was only a child but the experience was never to be forgotten.

  8. That's not exactly entering into the spirit of it to already know (or worse, look up) the answer, it's still fun to win. And to play in a corn maze, if you approach it the way my children used to.

  9. I've only done the kid corn mazes, which are just mini versions of what you did. That was enough for me!

  10. Thank goodness you had your map reader with you. If you'd been with me we' still be there but...we would have found every single dead end. That's my gift in life...finding dead ends.

  11. I laughed from beginning to end. Please watch that nail gun, too.

  12. For me, the nail gun would have been the better choice!!

  13. Always thought I'd want to try one. Now, maybe not so much.

  14. I may try that...the nail gun inn the foot I mean.

  15. I've never been in a corn maze. It looks like fun but a bot overwhelming if there are too many people in the maze at the same time.

  16. I definitely would do a maze. Never tried one, but I think it would be fun!


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