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Tuesday, February 16, 2016



The Old AF Sarge (a Walter Award winning blogger) just posted on the cold weather in New England and it stripped some rust off a forgotten brain cell.  I am reminded of an old bugaboo about TV weather reporting.

AF Sarge ( ) spoke of winters with the temperature expressed in negative Fahrenheit numbers.  These temperatures are unusual in the states below New England but we get them from time to time and they are nasty cold.  As if the temperatures are not cold enough, the weather-heads have to explain how with the wind chill factor it feels even colder.

Thanks weather-heads, as if I know the difference in the feel of 6 degrees and -10 degrees.  All I know is it is friggin cold! 

The weather-heads like the effect of this wind chill factor.  They use it  so much that people actually start to repeat the temperature with the “feels like” number rather than the real number. 

The wind chill was so successful that weather-heads decided to make it hotter in the summer.  Now, it is 88 degrees, but with the “Heat humidity index” it feels like 95.

No it doesn’t; in the North East it is always humid in the summer, so 88 degrees feels exactly like 88 degrees.  Don’t make it any worse.  Eighty-eight degrees is delightful!

This winter these cretins started something new.  They show a map with temperature changes from the day before plastered all over New Jersey.  When you glance up and see that it is -2 degrees in Edison it is shocking.  Once you realize that all it means is it is 2 degrees colder today than it was yesterday, it is too late.  The weather dudes already scared the crap out of you with their -2 degree weather map posting.

Up until today we have had a pretty mild winter this year.  This morning it was 2 degrees.  I saw that number and did not flinch because I know it probably represents a temperature change or a wind chill factor where it only “feels like” 2 degrees if you're naked when you take out the garbage.

I took the garbage out clothed but with no coat.

“Holy Crap” it is cold out!”

“Didn’t you see the weather; it is only 2 degrees out…with the wind chill it feels like -12!”

I have no idea what -12 feels like, I’d be more comfortable if the weather head simply told me,

“Put on a coat this morning folks it not only feels friggin cold, it really is friggin cold!”


  1. a weather change map? really? yeah, that would freak me out, too.

  2. trying to justify their sorry existence.

  3. I did see that weather change map last night. I'm most annoyed by them naming winter storms now.

  4. The weather guessers are fear mongers. You should see the weather here in the mere suggestion of snow they activate "Storm Team" where they show video of a dusting that piles up an inch high next to the 7-11. Then they get all excited like we all need to go buy doomsday supplies. It's hilarious! :)

  5. A weather change map? What will those boobs think of next? Naming winter storms?

    Oh wait...

  6. We also got six inches and school cancelled. You're off easy.

  7. I am in the South but I had to be up north in the winter a few years ago. The weather forecast for the day was zeroes all the way across (seriously - not a high of 1 or a low of -1).

    It just looked like the weather guy was lazy.

    I'll try and stay down here, where people call 40 a "deep freeze" and stay home from work.

  8. It was in the mid 70s yesterday so it was most delightful out. I do agree that they need to speak English though.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. They have to make everything a big deal now, for the ratings. It bugs me, too.

  10. It seems the evening weather reports are getting longer and longer when all I need to know is whether or not I'll need a coat or umbrella.

  11. I use to watch the weather with half an eye. It wasn't complicated. Now with the "feels like" temps and I am so with you on the temp differences compared to yesterday, you have to really pay attention. What you see and hear with half an eye and ear may not be the actual temp. Grrr.

  12. I could not agree more. Just tell me the temperature now, what it will be later, and if it's raining/snowing/a plague of frogs. Everything else is unnecessary filler.

  13. That weather change thing is to distract you from their inability to predict rain and snow accurately. They have a 50-50 chance. It will either rain or snow...or it won't. I want a report card every quarter showing their percentage of correct predictions. And proper consequences if they're failing!

    But that's just me.

  14. Anything below 50 degrees is cold to me, no matter how they try to justify it :)



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