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Thursday, February 18, 2016

IF I had Hair I’d be Bald

IF I had Hair I’d be Bald

Sometimes computers just piss me off.  I love computers, don’t get me wrong; I could never go back to a world of longhand, no spell check and reading stuff in really small print.  I love Google and Facebook and all that stuff. 

My experiences with computers which is the tin foil on my fillings, is losing connectivity and my mystery keyboard.

With losing connectivity at inopportune times and being victim of unwanted keyboard accidents, if I wasn’t bald already, I would have just pulled all my hair out anyway. (That explains the title…wait, don’t go!)

My computer is not directly connected to anything, it receives its signal wifially (it’s a word now; I just added it to dictionary.)  I wouldn’t think you could connect to the internet without physically connecting to anything, but you can…most of the time.  Most of the time does not included when you are playing on-line poker and you just flopped a full house against a flush.  The Flush puts you all-in and as you gleefully call, BING, you get that swirly thing that does not stop swirling until the game decides you and your winning full house have just folded.

I like to leave comments on various posts I read, and from time to time a comment is rather long.  When my connection fails for a second or two my long comment disappears.  It often disappears as I am reaching for the “send” key. 

I find myself yanking imaginary hair out of my challenged scalp.

Even more frustrating is the mystery keyboard.  I often accidentally hit an unknown combination of keys which apparently has been coded to do unusual stuff to my screen and my cursor.  Am I the only one who has written several hundred words of a post only to look up and find that somewhere along the line my cursor moved to a different part of my screen and I have been typing over hard won text? 

I almost blew my brains out over this once until I accidentally hit “ctrl z” and I only lost the new text which was replacing the old text.

Sometimes I accidentally hit a strange combination of keys and shit just goes away!  More fake hair pulling.

Yesterday I accidentally hit a strange combination of keys and my entire text was painted.  I am sometimes challenged in painting my text to copy to Blogger.  This key combination that I accidentally hit might be very helpful.  I have no idea what that combination was.

I hate those quick and easy key stroke short cuts!  They are more trouble than they are worth and it is impossible to figure out how to use them.

Alright, I’m done; I got that out of my system. 

I’m just going to (ctrl s) this, (ctrl c) it, and (ctrl v) it to Blogger.


  1. The only good use I've found for Ctrl is Ctrl>Alt>Delete. My brain has refused for fifteen years or more to memorize that other stuff. That's why I have a mouse.
    Well, end of my complaining. My grandaughters do get on the internet via wifi. All I know about is is there are a couple more boxes on a shelf.

  2. It's good to know I'm not the only one who "accidentally" makes things go wonky on the computer. I mean, if my computer is so damned smart, shouldn't it do what I WANT it to do instead of what I accidentally TOLD it to do, especially when I don't know what the hell I just DID? Gives a whole new meaning to wanting to "boot" the computer. It might be able to beat me at chess, but I'll bet I can beat it at kickboxing! (I'd rather NOT pull out my hair.)

  3. I have been burned so many times that I type almost everything in Microsoft Word, save constantly, and then cut and paste into whatever I"m doing online.

  4. I can so relate, but I've never thought about pulling my hair out. I'm pretty happy about that. I do have a tendency to talk to my computer and often it's not very nice.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. My work computer is hooked up to the internet through a little box; the desktop I use for fun has some type of stick (I guess USB??) that picks up the WIFI from the box. Though its plugged in, sometimes it doesn't read that I am connected to the internet. Have caught myself a few times wondering what the heck is taking so long to connect only to realize something is wrong with that connection so I have to unplug the stick, replug it in, and then we are usually good to go.

    The computer is still smarter than me, like the smart phone is smarter than me.


  6. The way computers work (or don't) is SCARY!!

  7. Hubby is in charge of hooking up the internet at our house. I don't know, and don't really care, how he makes it happen. It's better for everyone that way.

  8. Gee I use to envy those who had WiFi but not so much now. Thanks.
    Lucky me, I haven't hit any of the magic keys by accident. I think my having little fingers helps. Impossible to overreach.

  9. The computer make so many tasks easier, but it also creates problems we couldn't have otherwise imagined.

  10. I'm often distracted from what I'm doing if some weird occurrence happens when I'm typing or doing something else on the computer. Like just now, after reading your post, I went to Google to see if I could figure out why I lose some of my text when I'm typing fast. It might be the A combined with something else. You mentioned a few things and the Ctrl, so off I went. Told myself to come back here though and to investigate later.
    So as you might suspect, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Love it, but it can be challenging and frustrating.
    ps. took your advice a while back and began typing my comments in Word (copy & paste) if I felt like what I had to say was so deep. ha!

  11. I'm too lazy to type into Word and then copy and paste, but I sure wish Blogger had an "undo" key like Word does. Sometimes I have done stuff in Blogger that I don't know how to "undo." I understand your frustrations!

  12. And then try doing it all on a tablet that Blogger doesn't like. Ugh.

  13. What you need is a little kid to explain it to you. Teach you the ropes.

  14. I feel your pain. I have keys that I have no idea what they do, and frankly I'm scared to find out. I figure I've lived this long without those keys, so I can probably last a while longer without them'till they plant me.

  15. Hi Joeh,

    I feel your pain - and I work in IT where I have to suffer such ignominy all the time.

    Unlike you, I have lots and lost of hair - and if I pull it out it grows back twice as quickly. So sometimes I really do yank it all out.

    Lucky me, eh?




  16. For some reason when people have capsha to prevent spam, I can't leave a comment. I type it out and when I click I am not a robot, it spins for a while and says check your internet connectivity. Of course when I do, I lose the comment &_()&()^*&*&)(&_)&_)(&*)