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Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Bowl “L” Prediction

Super Bowl “L” Prediction
My prediction for this year’s Super Bowl is not based on my knowledge of either team.  I know very little about both teams.  I can probably not name any players on either team other than the quarterbacks.

I know both teams are very good.  Denver has an excellent defense; Carolina has few if any weaknesses. Well that is what I have read anyway.

As usual, lack of knowledge of facts or past history, does not keep me from having an opinion.  So here is my prediction:

Denver 35

Carolina 9

Where do I come up with this prediction?

This Super Bowl is Super Bowl 50; however in the manner of Super Bowl designations, it is Super Bowl Roman numeral L for fifty.

Super Bowl L

Who won the Super Bowl in his last game ever as quarterback for the Denver Broncos…That’s right, John Elway.  Who is probably going to play his last game ever as quarterback for the Denver Broncos…That’s right, Payton Manning. 

Now, if that is not enough, think about this, Super Bowl L; L for Heaven sake and the current General Manager of the Denver Broncos is John Elway.  Oh for crying out loud it is so obvious, do I have to spell it out? “L”  Super Bowl 50 or “L” John “EL”way.  The key to picking this year’s Super Bowl is “L” and the Denver Broncos have the “L” connection; therefore this year’s winner is the Denver Broncos.

The final score is a little more complicated.  Once again I am using the Roman numeral method of prognostication.

Let’s look at the names,

 DenVer BronCos.  D = 500, V =5, and C = 100.  If you subtract 100 from 500 you get 400 which is way too high for a football score so you drop a zero and then subtract another five for the V and you have the score Denver Broncos 35.

Now you have the CarolIna Panthers.  C =100, I = 1.  Once again 100 is way too high for a football score so I drop a zero to get 10.  I could add 1 for a score of 11, but 11 is an unusual score in football so I subtract 1 and the Carolina scores is 9.

Final score In Super Bowl L :

The winner (John “L”way's Broncos)

Denver 35

Carolina 9

Pay no attention to the experts, this prediction is a “L”ock!

Come “L” or high water.


  1. I predict that Ireland wins, but Viktor Krum gets the Snitch. ...oh wait, wrong sport......

  2. We'll see how close you come to being right Cranky.

    Have a fabulous day. Hello to Mrs. C. ☺

  3. I wouldn't think to offer an opinion on this since I know precious little about football. That's the misshapen ball with the points, right?

  4. From your keyboard to God's ear. Sure hope you are right. I am a Payton fan.

  5. There are three kinds of people in this world. Those who are good with numbers and those who aren't.

  6. Fascinating method. And probably about as accurate as any other.

  7. Well...SOMEbody's gotta take up the slack, since that orangutan that picked seven consecutive Super Bowl winners died in 2014.


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