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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This is a stunt Cranky
Super Bowl 2016 is over and I had a great time at my Super Bowl party.  There were no critiques of commercials, half time was spent watching the Puppy Bowl on the Animal Planet, and there were no stupid questions about the game from people that really didn’t give a rat’s ass.

“Why would they kick when there’s only a little bit to go for that first down thing?”


Who was at my Super Bowl party?  Me, myself and I.  This has been my traditional party for the last five years.  There are two reasons for this.  First I hate big Super Bowl parties.  Second I never get invited to anyone else’s party.  Don’t go all feeling sorry for me; I have come to like it that way.  It is my new tradition. Me in the basement watching the game and texting my son in Massachusetts, and Mrs. Cranky upstairs leaving me alone and watching “Sex and the City” re-runs.

I have my traditional fried mozzarella sticks and wings for an appetizer, and for dinner the traditional Domino’s Pizza.  Why Mrs. C orders Domino’s for Super Bowl when there are dozens of restaurants in the area that make and deliver “real” pizza made by someone named Mario, I have no idea.  All year long if we order pizza, we order real pizza, but for Super Bowl Mrs. C orders cardboard pizza.  I don’t argue with tradition. 

This year I even had a can of beer.  I am a wild man like that sometimes.

Anyway, it was a great game and my pre-Super Bowl prediction of a Denver win makes my blog prediction record one-in-a-row. . 

The fact that my prediction was based on the Super Bowl number being designated by the Roman numeral “L” as they have always done and not by the actual number “50” which they did this year should not diminish my prediction.   I did miss on the final score, but come on.

My final football prediction this year is that Payton Manning will retire, and Cam Newton will play in a bunch more Super Bowls. 

There were some complaints about how Cam handled himself after the loss.  I am not one to say a thing about that…I throw a tantrum when I miss a short putt for par.


  1. Hey Cranky. Glad you enjoyed your party. Mine was pretty decent, especially since it was broadcast much, much earlier here in Maui. And the mai tais were spectacular at happy hour.

  2. What a delightful party you had. That is the kind of party
    my husband used to like too. He didn't want any silly
    conversation going on while he was watching the game
    and then he'd call me to come in and watch the half-time
    stuff with him.

  3. We started a new tradition, we went to a party with our Bible study group. That meant a fun "gift exchange" game before the party, gumbo and salad to eat, a good talk about our study plans for Lent during the half-time show, and everyone went home right as the third quarter was starting to finish watching at home or go to bed because of work the next day.

    It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it worked for us!

  4. I'm sure my brother in law watched. He didn't mention it.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed NOT watching the Super Bowl!!

  6. I like your idea of the party to just include yourself; it is probably easier that way too because you can watch the game without a lot of interruptions of others talking, etc. I have to say, the commercials were so lame this year. Just a few were cute, but hubby and me kept looking at each other after each commercial and just shook our heads.

    I'm thrilled the Broncos won. I have to admit, I'm a little happy that Cam Newton was a bit humbled by the game. I wanted to reach into the TV watching his behavior and antics as the Panthers scored over the Cardinals time after time after time in their game. I didn't quite see that reaction from Peyton Manning or a dance when the Broncos scored. Character speaks in so many different ways I think. And you are right, Cam Newton will go on to win many more Super Bowls.


  7. What Fishducky said. We did the exact same thing, but we had a great dinner of BBQ baby back ribs. Finger licking good too.

    Domino's Pizza is horrible.

    Have a fabulous day Cranky. ☺

  8. If I'd watched I woulda been alone, too.
    I feel fortunate that we don't have any nearby Domino's and the Li'l Caesar's closed because of a lack of business.
    The outcome was perfect in that what little I cared about the game came about.

  9. My party was about the same except I don't text.

  10. I watched with my wife and son, but we found the game boring and kept switching to "Cops" where we saw some really great tackling.

  11. Beer and pizza, yum. We did the same and ordered pizza.

  12. I'm not wild about big Super Bowls parties either. I'll throw a party next year and invite you. I'll have Jilda make real pizza.

  13. yo! do you have stunt cranky's number? j/k!

  14. I just read someone's post saying they like Cam Newton for the first time because of a couple things he did after his team's loss. He was smiling broadly as he congratulated Manning after the game (like a kid meeting an idol), he spoke very honestly at the press conference and didn't make any excuses, and when he left it was because the Denver player being interviewed right next to him was shouting insults so loud everyone was waiting for a response...instead of responding in kind, he just left. I kinda think he'll come back with a new maturity and yes, he'll be in Super Bowls to come. By the way, this was the most tedious and awful Super Bowl game I can remember. But I suppose if there were worse ones I've simply forgotten them!

  15. Kudos. Your prediction was pretty darn close and the winner correct. I only like super bowl parties if I have zero interest in the teams playing. Usually there is too much distraction going on to enjoy the game if you care who wins. Cam will be back if he doesn't step on his lower lip.

  16. Domino's thin crust is good if you warm it in the oven on a pizza pan with holes in the bottom. Like eating your toppings on a cracker!

    I didn't watch the game for the first time in forever. Now, thanks to the comments, I don't even think I want to look for the commercials. You have provided a valuable service.

  17. I didn't watch the game but from what I saw on my Facebook feed I got the impression that Lady Gaga won the Superbowl.

    1. Right? She did an amazingly classy job at singing our American Anthem. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but she definitely earned my respect on Sunday.

  18. Fried mozzarella sticks! I wish I'd been there, I love those things!
    We get them out here, but they're balls not sticks and come in frozen packages of ten.

  19. I watched the Superbowl with some of my kids. Just us, on the couch. They laugh at me because I know nothing about football, but yet I pretend to get into it. They see right through that, but whatever. It's the time spent that is most important. That mom made the effort, you know? Hopefully that's what they will remember, instead of how I kept calling the Broncos the "Chargers" -- "MOM! They are the Broncos. BRON-COS. Say it with us...BRON....COS...come on, get it right, already!!"


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