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Saturday, February 13, 2016



No Opinion



It is after Wednesday, I thought I was over the hump, but it is almost Saturday and I still have no idea on a post for Cranky Opinion Saturday.

I hate it when I get into a writers slump, I think and think and I got nothing.

When I have no ideas I just goof around and can’t get off my rump.  Mrs. Cranky is no help; she just calls me a jerk and a grump. 

I thought about taking on the Cam Newton hissy fit, I actually kind of understand why he acted as he did, but I still can’t agree with it, so that was a topic I had to dump.

I could always write about my go-to topic, TV, but I think that I’ve overdone that topic.  I don’t think it would get me a single fist bump.

There is one topic I’d like to jump on but I’ve vowed to stay away because of all the haters. 

There it is; I’m completely stumped.  There is no topic that comes close to getting me pumped.

The last time I opined on Religion I took a bunch of lumps. I could write about how the younger generation is going to send us to Hell in a hand basket, but that just makes me sound like a frump.

I thought about posting my opinion on gun control, but I don’t want to seem as dumb as Forest Gump.  Then I could maybe post on the Beyonce Super Bowl controversy, but whatever my opinion on that I would appear to be a chump.

Still thinking as my palm hits my forehead with a thump.

I could break my vow and take a shot at politics.  There is a candidate that I really like, almost as much as Andy was in love with Helen Crump.

Naw, I got nothing. 


  1. So you sat there thinking, "Damn you, Blank page. You Mock me with your Blankness." (borrowed from fishducky)

  2. Humph.

    Not sure why I said that.

    I have often wondered if this happens. Bill O'Reilly has his "Outrage of the Day" segment (or used to, anyway), and I wondered whether he ever starts getting ready for work and thinks, "You know, I just don't feel outraged today!"

    He never resorterd to rhyming, though, which is a shame, if you think about it. The Grinch went that route and it served him well.

  3. I never got the idea that Andy was as much in love with Helen as she was with him. Even as a kid I thought there wasn't much of a spark between them.

  4. Well this was an entertaining read and you didn't insult anyone. I think you did just fine. I just read between the lines and formed my own opinions.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. You're doing OK with free flow poetry.

  6. So you're in a slump...
    You think you're stumped.
    Don't be a chump.
    Don't just sit there like a clump.
    Get off your rump
    And jump!!
    Get pumped!!
    Get over this hump.
    Do what I do--
    Fake it until you make it!!

  7. I really enjoyed how you worked in all your "ump's. You were still entertaining for a slump.

  8. Well, at least you didn't go THERE! LOL

  9. Thank goodness you stayed away from the controversy of that vaccine for the mumps.

  10. Did you not eat your Wheaties this morning?

  11. You made me smile at the end of a hard day. That's a good thing.

  12. Hmmm... actually sounds like you had plenty. But perhaps you took the wisest course :)

  13. A little late for this past Saturday, but the dead justice should offer some ideas.

  14. Maybe you could write a bridge column. . .



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