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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Well yeah, until that detective caught him he was a nice friendly loan shark
It’s time again for


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments.

No fake headline this week, guess the headline submitted by Val-the-Victorian and win something…maybe a whoop-tee-doo…we’ll see...Whatever.


New era in ties begins as Cuba raises flag at embassy in US – Seems to me ties are less popular than ever and recognizing Cuba won’t change that trend at all.

Zack Johnson wins British Open Championship – Really? Or did Chandler Bing turn pro?      
Chandler Bing from "Cheers"

Zack Johnson...or is it?

Feds spend $125,000 studying sexist adjectives – “Stupid Bitch” and “Dumb C*nt” are offensive and sexist.  That should cover about 10%; can I get a check for $12,500?

Archaeologists find 'very significant' 4000-year-old home in Ohio – It was listed as a “Fixer-upper.”

Lorenzo Lamas' wife gives birth to his grandson – Wait…WHAT?

Celebs with mega-mansions outraged at 'giga-mansions' rising around them – Waa! Just one more reason why celebrities suck!

Google reveals your location history in Maps – With this, security cameras, and phone and text messages kept in memory, how does anyone get away with anything these days?

The 'eat like a pig' slimming device that will turn your stomach; pumps users' stomachs after food binges – Wouldn’t the old finger down the throat work just as well?

Doctors save man’s hand by grafting it to his leg – So when he is running a little late, now he can really shake a leg.

Donald Trump: As president, 'I'll change my tone' – Will it help if he insults people in a lower octave?

Milwaukee neighborhood on edge after report of lion roaming streets – “Do I take a left or a right at Kalamazoo to get back to Detroit?”

Arctic expedition to study global warming put on hold because of too much ice – It’s climate change, get it right…too much ice is the result of climate change brought about by carbon dioxide trapped heat!

The surprising exercise that can improve men’s sex lives – No comment, but I’ll bet a few of you are going to Google this one.

 Craigslist founder gives group $10,000 for composting toilet – “Right down the hall and to the right, but I gotta warn ya…”


  1. I think Val submitted the sexist adjectives!

  2. I think it was the Open Winner headline... because only a women... or the Chubby Chatterbox... would consider something about golf stupid.

    (I had to add the bit about Stephen so my comment won't be considered sexist or offensive)

  3. I think all of these are true.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. No guess this week--I think all of these are true!!

  5. I'm going with all true. Sadly even bizarre sounds normal anymore.

  6. Methinks the quality of this weeks stupid headlines is definitely down. Is that good or bad?

  7. If there was a fake I would have gone with "Feds spend $125,000 studying sexist adjectives." The money the feds spent sounds too low.

    I say Val submitted, "Archaeologists find 'very significant' 4000-year-old home in Ohio."

  8. Hey, I'm offended by Uncle Skip's comm---actually, he's right. Sexy adjectives gets my consistently wrong vote.

  9. I suppose I am disallowed from guessing. But then again, I may have forgotten it by now. Or not. My head is really full of useless information, and my brain sometimes overheats when I try to figure out your fakes. I think I'll tuck a bag of ice up under my thinking cap, and take the week off.

  10. mean Lorenzo Lamas' wife gives birth to his grandson is true???

    My guess for Val's headline is the one about sexercise.

    Too bad there are no whoop-tee-doos for wrong information, 'cuz I just gotta point out that Chandler Bing is from "Friends," not from "Cheers." :-)