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Saturday, July 18, 2015


Peace Sign?
A cranky opinion for

The following is the opinion of a cranky old man with little knowledge on the topic opined.  Opposing views are welcome but will probably be ignored.  Mean-spirited comments will be deleted.  As always, no name calling…that means you, you big stupid-head!

As a semi-conservative Republican, I should probably not like the deal to limit nuclear development in Iran.

First, the deal was negotiated by John Kerry and supported by President Obama.  I distrust both.

Secondly I do not see how we can trust Iran given their hateful rhetoric for the last forty plus years.

Finally let me say I have no knowledge whatsoever about the agreement other than what I have read, I am not an expert on the Middle East, and I really do not understand the economic impact of this agreement.

So, am I in favor of this agreement? Given that last paragraph, why do you care?  Here is my opinion anyway:

I think the agreement will certainly make it more difficult for Iran to develop an atomic bomb; that is a good thing.  If it does not make it more difficult to develop an atomic weapon I believe we will still have the most unpleasant and undesirable option of bombing the crap out of their reactors that we have today...and that is all we have today.   

I suppose you could make the argument that releasing billions of dollars to Iran by ending sanctions will make it easier for them to develop a bomb.  Maybe, but I think that Iran could find a way to finance atomic development if they want, and destroying their economy with economic sanctions might only make them more intent to build and use one.

I read where many people think we should have continued sanctions, brought Iran to its knees and forced them to agree to whatever we demand.  To me that sounds like a recipe for contempt, hatred, and a desire for revenge. 

If you corner a defenseless animal, you will be scratched or bitten.  If you humiliate and beat down a country, that country will also scratch or bite when given no other choice.

The people of Iran broke out in celebration at this agreement; hundreds of thousands of people were dancing in the streets.  Were they happy because now they could build a bomb and kill millions of people?  Maybe; I think a little more of humanity than to believe that.  Maybe the people in Iran were celebrating expected improvement in their economic conditions that will follow this agreement.

This seems to me to be a good thing.  Poverty does not make people compliant.  People with no hope are dangerous people.  Affluence seldom leads to rape, plunder and war.  Affluence and hope for the future leads to industriousness and productivity, education and modernity, it creates people that are too busy to hate, and too busy to make war and risk what they have.

This agreement is not the best we could have achieved but it is probably better than no agreement.  If we listened to all the pundits we would never have an agreement…ever…with anybody.

Just once, let us look at this agreement without trying to make political points.  I still don’t respect John Kerry, I still do not think President Obama is a great President, but I do not think this agreement makes us any more vulnerable to a dangerous Iran.  Maybe it will delay or stop their nuclear development, maybe it will help move the Iranian people to be less antagonistic.

What do we really have to lose with this agreement?

Hell, what have we done in the Middle East in the last 75 years that has ever improved conditions and reduced cultural animosities?

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.


  1. This is the only sensible analysis of the situation I've read/heard from either political persuasion!

  2. Until we are a muslim nation they will hate us. Plain and simple. They tell us this everyday. Islam shall rule the world. That's the bottom line.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. "...what have we done in the Middle East in the last 75 years that has ever improved conditions and reduced cultural animosities?"


  4. Thank you! As Kerry pointed out this agreement does NOT rely on TRUST.

  5. Joe, you're making sense again!!

  6. Yours is a truly rational response to this situation. There aren't any more sanctions we can impose on Iran, and like you said they were going to build a bomb with the meager resources they have anyway. Republicans keep saying this is a bad deal but they offer nothing better, except for another war in the Middle East. But wars are bread and butter for many conservatives, who line their pockets from munitions contracts while the sons and daughters of the poor fight and die in these wars. I read that 70% of Iranians are too young to have been around during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and once they are accustomed to the things a prosperous economy can provide, once they become more like us, they will pressure their own government to change. This is happening now in China.

    We negotiated with Russia to curb nuclear proliferation, and we didn't trust them either. A lack of trust is WHY you create verifiable treaties, Saying they can't be trusted is a stupid argument for scuttling this deal.

    1. Thx CC, though i think to say conservatives seek war to line their pockets with munitions contracts is more than unfair and a little insulting. I have never known or met anyone who has an interest in munitions contracts. They must exist, but your assertion is a bit of a stretch.

  7. While I'm not at all comfortable with the deal, and trust the Iranians about as far as I can spit into a hurricane, I agree that it is probably the best we could have hoped for. I think the lead time they demanded before we can inspect newly discovered suspect sites, and we caved in to, gives them ample time to hide whatever they might be up to. But, whatcha gonna do? The American people and our military are weary.

    But there is one angle you haven't addressed: With sanctions lifted they will be able to sell more oil and make much more money, plus they won't be spending as much on their....whatever they're doing on their nuclear projects. That means they can more easily fund more Hezbollah-style terror groups throughout the region. This has the Saudi's in particular up in arms, and now they're making overtures to both the Chinese and the Russians, and rattling their own sabre as well. It's a volatile region at best, and may now be even more so with a newly energized and economically enriched Iran. What a mess!

  8. We are normally political opposites but this time I am in complete agreement with you. "Poverty does not make people compliant. People with no hope are dangerous people. " Perfectly said.

  9. An intelligent and thought-provoking take on the situation.

  10. I am neither a historian nor a politician. This kind of talk makes my head hurt. But I DID stop in to read it. Can't you get back on the topic of sports?

  11. Sorry but I think Kerry will win the Nobel Peace Prize if the @# ^%!! Republicans in Congress can't trash this agreement. And I think Obama is a great president. Those two small points of disagreement taken care of, I'm in favor of this agreement, too, and I think Iran may eventually realize that America is NOT the Great Satan.

  12. I'm astonished at your considered and thoughtful opinion. It surely isn't the "talking points" drivel I'd assumed you get from Fix News. Well done. And lets hope it works as intended.