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Tuesday, July 21, 2015



I might be a prick.  I don’t think I am a prick, but I just might be.  Why you ask, do I think I might be a prick?

I am not a wealthy man, but I can afford a buck.  Giving one dollar to a worthy cause will not affect my life style.  I should be willing to give a dollar to worthy causes, but apparently I am a prick.

Yesterday Mrs. C and I went grocery shopping.  When my bill was rung up, the cashier asked me, “Would you like to donate a dollar to the Something Something Blah Blah Blah FOR CHILDREN?

I have no idea what this charity was for.  All I heard was FOR CHILDREN.  What cause that ends in FOR CHILDREN would not be worth handing over a single dollar?  Probably none, except apparently I am a prick.

“No thank you, I don’t want to give a measly dollar to the Something Something Blah Blah Blah FOR CHILDREN, because I am a prick!”

The thing is, I just don’t like being hit up for a charity when I am not expecting it.  I don’t like that the store hits me up when I am running up a credit charge.  I don’t like the fact that I won’t be able to declare my contribution as a tax deduction, but the store probably will.  I give a buck and one million other blindsided customers give a buck and the CEO of the grocery store gets his picture in the paper handing over a tax deductable check for $1 million dollars. 

It just bothers me…but then I am a prick.

I give to charities from time to time.  I give to charities I care about, charities that hit close to my home.  If I give a buck to the store, it is one dollar less I have to give to my charities; so I say no and feel like a prick!

“No thank you, I don’t want to give a measly dollar to the Something Something Blah Blah Blah FOR CHILDREN, because I am a prick!”

After the grocery store we went to “Boston Market” to take home our dinner.  Checking out I was asked,

“Would you like to donate a dollar to the CHILDRENS FUND for something something?”

Mrs. C immediately pulled me by the arm, said no thank you and dragged me out of the store before I went on a rant to some poor 17 year old cashier who was only doing her job.

The next time I am asked for a dollar while checking out of a store I am going to ask to see the manager.  When he shows up I am going to ask him if he would like to donate a dollar to the Lustgarten Foundation to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.  If he says no I will just shake his hand and say “Well let’s just call it a draw then.”

If he says yes, I’ll do the same thing.

At least then I won’t feel like a prick.


  1. Can I be a prick? When the firefighters are standing in the middle of all four streets at the 4-way stop, holding out their boots to each car that lawfully comes to a halt...I turn a block before and go around that intersection. I feel like it's a shake-down. My mom used to carry a Buddy Poppy with her to wave at all the collectors outside the various store she frequented around Memorial Day.

    I agree. We should be able to donate to the causes that mean something to us, at the time we are prepared, and in the amount we wish, and not hand over a dollar here and spare change there under pressure.

  2. Don't let it prick your conscience, Joe.

  3. I remember years ago growing up and a religious organization would come evangelizing. Mom would always give them 25 cents for their magazine so they would leave her alone; she figured they just wanted the money. She promptly threw the magazine away, having her own different faith. Asking for money at a grocery store or similar place is almost the same, a bit of extortion, especially if it is something you might not want to support, although I have to say usually I'll give a dollar if asked.


  4. I don't think you're a prick at all. I give to charities of my choice when I can afford to, and being asked at the checkout is unfair in my opinion. unfortunately, the checkout people are only doing what they are told to do. On top of that, there are quotas to be met. if we don't ask, or don't ask enough people, we get told to start asking. It's one of the reasons I quit.

  5. I have never given at the cash register for the exact reasons you gave. It's ridiculous.

  6. What was rude behavior when we grew up is currently the norm. And, I'm not talking not wanting to give the buck, I'm talking making seventeen year olds ask for it.

  7. My Mrs. C. always hands over the buck or leaves the change for these charities when cashiers ask. I don't. Like you, we contribute to charities we care about. Maybe I'm a prick also.

  8. The day they introduce charity collections at our checkouts is the day I stop buying. I only give to the charities I want, those who don't badger me for donations.

  9. This is a new trend. It's happening more and more and I'm not going to do it either. Who knows where the money really goes. Never hear about that big check they wrote to so and so with all those kids.

    You can't be a prick and a jerk. You're a jerk. Ask Mrs. C.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

    1. Why can't he be a prick AND a jerk?

  10. Hi Cranky Man,

    We get charity representatives knocking at our door asking us to set up standing orders to their chosen charities. And when we mention that we do something like this already, they suggest that we GIVE UP on our current charity in favour of them.

    Now that REALLY annoys me and I feel like writing my own ranting post about it.

    You've inspired me, Cranky Man.

    And it looks like I, too, am a prick!




  11. you're not a prick. you just choose your charities. :)

  12. It's okay to be picky where your charity dollars go -- you don't know if that somethingsomething charity is using the money wisely.

    Next time, just say, i already gave -- you don't have to say to what!

  13. Guess I am a prickette. I usually just say "not today" and keep walking. Like you, especially today, I like to know if anyone will really be helped by my dollar.

  14. This annoys me too, and I decline on that principle. But I enjoy doing it with the friendliest, most engaging smile and a very hearty, "No, but thank YOU for asking!" They don't know HOW to respond to that! he he he

  15. Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say "not today, thanks" but I have no idea what I'm thanking them for.

  16. I flash my smile and say, "Thank you, not today." I'm a friendly prick.

  17. I'm a prick too - I hate being highjacked like that and always say no