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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Republican "Fish Water" deniers disagree

I got nothing!

I’m taking it a little slower on this blogging thing.  Last week there was no contest and there was no fake.

OK, I lied,

Florida man scared by fake alligator in toilet bangs head against wall and is knocked out – I’d be scared too if I thought I just crapped an alligator:

Was fake.  I made the dude from Florida just to mess with Pixel Peeper

 who ignored the no contest claim and guessed wrong anyway.

Sandee also ignored the no contest claim and guessed anyway…correctly of course.

Florida man scared by fake alligator in toilet bangs head against wall and is knocked out is my pick. You don't find alligators in bathrooms all that often.

OK, here is a tiny whoop-tee-doo!

J  also failed to read the no contest claim and guessed none of the above anyway!


Fresh from the success of not over thinking, I will take your word that all headlines are real this week. Unless, of course, that's to throw us off the track, and we're supposed to understand that your declaration of no contest is fake...nah. I'm not going to over think.

Over thought again!

That’s it, come back next week for some real STUPID HEADLINES!!



  1. LOL - even when I should probably be mad about being tricked, I'm STILL laughing!

  2. DOH! I feel like a befuddled Homer Simpson. My instincts told me you were up to something.

  3. Your comments are the best part of this feature.

  4. I wasn't so sure on last weeks one.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday.

    I'll be back later. Just cruised back from Pittsburg and am trying to catch up a bit. ☺

  5. I think I've said it before. I'm confused.

  6. Giggled at crapping an alligator. Now that is funny.

  7. See, I just knew I had two superpowers:

    Not guessing the correct fake headlines.
    Picking the wrong line in the grocery store.

  8. I feel sorry for us readers next week considering you now have extra time to make us look silly in guessing wrong...


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