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Thursday, November 14, 2013



Lanthie at “Life’s Cherries” has bestowed an award upon me, the “Sunshine Award.” This will be my second time accepting this award (thank you Val the Victorian @,) but I am an award whore and will accept it again with much appreciation. 

Thank you Lanthie and thank you also for your entertaining posts…especially “Vintage Friday.”  If you guys are not aware of “Vintage Friday” check it out…just don’t check it out when your lady is lurking.  Mrs. Cranky has caught me ogling and assumes I’ve been surfing for porn…not porn, just er…attractive pictures.

Anyway in accepting this award I am supposed to tell a bunch of things about myself.  If you read my posts, there’s not much left to tell, so there, that’s done.  Next I am to nominate a bunch of other bloggers and pass the award on.

Hmmm…I’ve done the award hand out thing a few times…I want to acknowledge some new deserving people...Sunshine seems feminine to me so no dudes (I know I’m accepting it, but I’m also a hypocrite) OK here they are:

Leenie@ whose nature photos will bring in the sunshine. 

TexWisGirl @ because her photos of Painted Buntings and Ducks also bring in the sunshine.

Lo @ because she is so feisty and funny…even her “Shit piss fuck” tirades light up my life.

Carolyn @ because I feel like throwing some sunshine her way…even though I think she has stopped stopping by and may not see this.

Josie Two Shoes @ because she is always so positive and nice she deserves a Sunshine Award.


To MB’s The Brandywine Chronicles @  because this is my little girl who has always brought sunshine in my life and I want to give her, her first blogging award.

If you have the time, check out all these great ladies, and check out my blog roll as well...all good.

Once again, Lanthie, Thank you…thank you very much.

To accept this award:

1.    Thank me and tell all you followers to run and check out the Cranky Old Man.  Ok, a simple thank you will do.

2.    Tell seven things about yourself that no one knows.

3.    Select a bunch of other bloggers to receive this award and keep the pyramid scam going.


Just take the award and display it on your blog and skip 1, 2, and 3.


  1. Congrats "Sunshine". Yeah, a little lipstick, some rouge, some fishnets....I can see you as a whore.

    Oh...AWARD whore. Nevermind. ;)


  2. awww! mr. sunshine you ARE! :P

    thanks, dear crankypants. i appreciate the rays passed my way.

  3. Presenting you with a Little Miss Sunshine Award is going to tarnish your persona as a Cranky Old Man, but I'll offer my congratulations anyway.

    By the way, you might not have noticed it but I did finally manage to add my "Walter Award" to my Awards Page. I didn't know how to make the link but a few days ago my son was over and showed me how to do it. I'm still grateful for this award.

  4. Congrats. A sunshine award would definitely be good to see on cloudy dreary days. And you are a ray of sunshine.

  5. Poor me--the only award I have is a "Walter"!!

  6. I guess that makes you a Cranky Old Ho.

  7. Congrats Cranky Kid, and thank you so very much for this nice surprise to begin my weekend! I love blogging and I love bloggers, it's pretty hard not to be nice about that! I even like it when I come here and you nicely say what has to be said!!! Muchas gracias for the award amigo!

  8. Congratulations! Awards are special... even to those of us who are not award whores. :)

    When I've gotten them, I've been lousy at following the instructions; just did as you said and slapped the honors on my blog... with a link to the giver, of course.

    I'll be visiting the kids' blog and will take a peek at the others you've mentioned, too.

  9. LOL .... well thank you, Cranky ... you deleted me as a friend on Facebook and it pissed me off so I quit reading you.... I have... sneaked back over though just to check on your crankiness... and yep .. sure enough still cranky.

    Thank you for sending sunshine my way... what a nice uncranky thing to do.... visit me sometime... too