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Thursday, April 25, 2013



Last fall we redid our kitchen.  It looked so nice we had to toss a perfectly good toaster/oven in favor of a new stainless steel appliance that looks pretty but works like crap.

One feature of this toaster/oven is you have to first set a dial to bake, or toast, then set a timer.  In order to toast an English muffin you need to set the timer to dark, and after about ten minutes of an annoying tick, tick, tick it finally goes BING and the muffins are done.

It has taken me a while to learn that before you start the coffee, cook the bacon and fry an egg, you have to put in the muffins first. 

Today, for the third time in two weeks, I put in the muffins and dialed in “Dark,” fixed the coffee, cooked the bacon, and fried an egg.  When the egg was done, I heard the BING, and was ready to enjoy my breakfast.


The toaster oven was set to bake, not toast.  My muffins were warm, but not toasted.  It took ten more minutes to make them toast and by then my eggs and bacon were cold and the coffee too strong.

I shouted agitatedly upstairs,



“You did it again!”

“Did what again?”

“You left the toaster/oven on ‘bake’.”


“So I baked my muffins instead of toasting them!”

“You should have just changed the dial to ‘toast’.”

“No!  You need to change the dial back to ‘toast’ after you're finished baking!”

“Yeah…well now you know how I feel when you leave the toilet seat up!”

Mrs. Cranky logic strikes again.



  1. Haha, SD never leave the toilet seat up, in fact he's fanatical about putting not only the seat but the lid down too but he does keep changing the setting on the microwave to cook when I only use it to defrost and it drives me mad.

    Still, I guess it's small compensation for the things he has to put up with ;)

  2. We have a similar problem with the settings on the regular toaster. Doc like his toast very dark (burned to me) so I ge burned toast if I forget to change it. At least it takes only a couple of minutes for it to burn instead of 10. :)

  3. I'm that way about microwaves. Did you know there are different power sttings on a microwave? To me it's just an on/off appliance. The package says microwave for 2 minutes, that's what I do. At 600 mega/volt/ohms. Huh?


  4. There isn't any logic in questioning a woman's logic.

  5. And your point would be...?

  6. Please hug your very intelligent and perceptive wife for me.

  7. Kinda ruins a morning, doesn't it. After all these years I have grandkids in residence who like toast for breakfast. Except they like that pale white bread stuff, toasted on setting 1. Setting 1 doesn't even warm my eight grain dark toast. Do they put it back on 3 before they leave for school at 7 am. NO. In my secret heart, when I find it on 3 when I toast my bread I hope they forgot to go to 1 and got real toast for breakfast.

    Alert. This may be a post some day.

  8. Now I really wish I had a toaster/oven in my house to teach my husband a lesson!!

  9. We have that issue with the shower head. I prefer to step in and wash my hair first. Not my toes.

  10. Toaster ovens, toilet seats, potato, potahto...

  11. came back to say congrats on your POTW at hilary's!

  12. Haha, too funny. Congrats on the POTW mention! Well deserved.