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Monday, April 1, 2013

It's About Time- A Cranky Monday re-run


Here is a short one from the very first month of the Cranky Old Man Blog

From April 2011 Enjoy if you will:
It's About Time

Peoples of the world communicate in hundreds of different languages. There are multiple systems for determining weights and measures. Hundreds of religions worship God or Gods in hundreds of ways. With all the different races, creeds and cultures in this world, how did everyone manage to decide on one way to keep time?

OK, a year is a given. One lap around the sun; it makes sense. A month makes sense; a lunar lap around the earth.
Where does the hour come from? Why 24 hours a day, 60 minutes to an hour, 60 seconds to a minute? Why not 100 seconds to a minute, 100 minutes to an hour, and 10 hours to a day. Come on, you could stretch a second to make it work. While you’re at it, why not stretch that second enough to make it 365 days to a year every year, and 30 days to every month. This would end the confusing February 29th thing, and eliminate the need for that stupid “30 days….” poem.
Come on guys, this isn’t rocket science!


  1. Hey, I like that poem!

    (But yeah, it is stupid...)

    I like your re-runs by the way.

  2. I don't mean to frighten you, but we think alike!!

  3. interesting ponder. I used to have quite a ponder list but as time went along... I gave up trying to understand a lot of stuff.

    What I think is interesting is when someone decided to ... well? the sundial. no one really knows who invented it... when the shadow reaches here... I'll meet you there

    nanoseconds and microseconds ... I've always been interested in time travel. maybe H. G. Wells invented the need for that poem... I'm not going to spend my day googling... maybe tonight... those Mayans probably had something to do with the deciding...

  4. 30 days has September, April . . . yeah, I like that poem :) Although I agree with you about the whole time thing. "They" could have made is a lot easier!

  5. The people who made up this time stuff didn't have real jobs and had nothing better to do than screw with the rest of us.

  6. hey, I like that poem. Me and Mod Mom are big Mother Goose fans!

  7. The people who made stuff up did it that way just to screw with their grandkids.

  8. Great poem and you're right. The Mayans didn't include Leap Year. We wouldn't have had that whole zombie scare thing last year. :)

  9. So, it's my job to find out the answers to questions like that. Always looking for a questions that might make a good article. And after thinking about this one, which is a very good question...I don't want to even begin researching an answer. It smacks of math and I don't do math anymore.

  10. I think the seconds/minute/hour measurements have something to do with 360 degrees in a circle. Or maybe I just pulled that out of my butt. Anyway...whatever the origin, it can't be any sillier than a thumb for an inch, and a foot for a foot.

  11. Dammit, stop messing with things that we know by heart no matter how silly or arbitrary. I have enough trouble remembering my PIN number and my passwords and the code to be able to access my messages on my phone,..just to mention a few things.

    Don't make me crazy.......ummm......crazzier.

  12. that should have been spelled "crazier"......see....I am already crumbling.

  13. It was probably the same back then as it is today...."He who has the biggest club gets to set the rules." I think he kinda blew it, too.


  14. I am not a math whatever the math people decide works for me.

  15. Here from the Monday Mingle Blog Hop- though I have been following you for a while. Coinkydink that you join the day I'm the featured blogger? I think not! ; ) BB2U By the way, I happen to like the 30 day poem. I never remember it, but I seem to remember liking it...


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