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Wednesday, April 3, 2013



 The other night, while lying in bed, I used the word “raucous” and pronounced it raw’cuss.  I forget the context…it may have been about sex.  Mrs. C who is never wrong challenged my pronunciation.

“You mean ruckus…ru’cus, not raw’cuss!”

Convinced that for once I was right I responded.

“No, I mean raucous…raw’cuss, two different words, similar meaning different but similar pronunciation.”

“You’re wrong, it is just one word and it is ruckus…ru’cus.”



“Look it up!”

“I will!” 

Mrs. Cranky did look it up and was pleased with herself when she found ruckus in  There is a little speaker in which when clicked pronounces the word in that GPS ladies voice:

Mrs. C clicked the speaker over and over again, ru’cus… ru’cus… ru’cus… ru’cus…

Mrs. C was doing that goofy happy dance as she pressed the speaker over and over again.  She was basking in her victory.

“Different word, here, let me look up raucous.”

I looked up raucous and found this:

And I pressed that little speaker over and over again…

raw’cuss… raw’cuss… raw’cuss… raw’cuss… raw’cuss.

Mrs. C said nothing in defeat, except, “You’re a jerk!” 

Revenge is sweet!

Sleeping on the couch in the basement…not so much.


  1. Ah Joe. The ladies don't get it, victory is sweet indeed!

  2. Sounds to me like it could have escalated to a raucous ruckus if you'd tried harder.

  3. Ooh and that reminds me of a phrase I hear occasionally:
    Would you rather be right...
    ...or happy?

  4. You man folk just can't leave it alone can you? lol... How's the couch?? lol Kidding, of course.. Um, I think :)

  5. Try this: Go out and buy a REALLY REALLY confortable new couch. You're till a jerk, but then you'd at least be a comfortable jerk.


  6. The only way I was able to stay awake during a boring, hour long Poli Sci lecture on college was to count the number of times the professor said "by & large"--I think the record was in the 40's. I'm wondering how many times a day Mrs. C says "You're a jerk"?

  7. Uncle skip couldn't have said it better

  8. Two funny! Papa Bear being a born n' bred Texas, and me being of Midwestern heritage, pronounce almost everything differently, and it is a source of never ending entertainment, the debating who is right! I'm sorry about the sofa, thus ended any hopes for a raucous ruckus in your bedroom. ;-)

  9. When I get into similar situations with MY Mrs. C, I've learned that if I'm adamant about something I'm usually wrong. If I don't give a crap I'm usually right.

  10. Guest rooms are not just for guests. My mr. threatens to go sleep on the couch. When he does- I agree and tell him "suit yourself then", because I get the bed to myself. If I were to ever threaten to sleep somewhere else, it will be either the guest room or in another house altogether. Why should I suffer for his ignorance?

  11. So glad you got your revenge...Was reading this and thinking to myself nope Cranky is right on this one they are 2 different words. Mrs C is going to end up with egg on her face this time...

    At least in the basement there is no-one to tell you you're wrong Joe and you can be as raucous as you darn well please!

    (sorry Mrs C - but he did get you for once)

  12. as much as I think my guy is usually definitly has raucous sex not ruckus sex.

  13. Ha, you would know I'd have a typo in that last comment!

  14. *grins* Communication is a wonderful thing - getting to the point where you both understand what the other person truly is saying.

    And take an extra blanket down with you!

    Our Circus, RUCCIS, is based on the word your wife was thinking of. We were a bit worried about how easily ruckus can be altered to a naughty word, so after months of thinking, a scrabble player thought up the anagram of Circus and Ruccis was named!

  15. That is not nice you making her sleep on the couch.

  16. He who raucouses last raucouses best.

  17. Never argue with your wife. Even when you're right (which you were) you're wrong. Just nod, mumble, and go on to something else.


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