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Saturday, April 20, 2013



A Cranky Opinion Saturday Post

Opposing views are welcome, but no name calling please, and that means YOU, you big stupid head!

The Cranky Old Man is a lifelong conservative.  I believe that the government that governs least governs best.  Government should perform only those services that private industry cannot.  Government should provide protection for its citizens both externally and internally, maintain roads, and deliver the mail.  That’s about it.  Otherwise stay out of our lives.

Yes I am in favor of some form of gun regulation; that falls under protection of the citizens.  Trust me I am a conservative.  I do not think I have ever voted for a Democrat except maybe in an occasional local election.   So how do I stand on Gay Marriage?

When possible, government should stay out of our lives. 

Do I feel I need protection from Gay people?  No, I’m good, and if they are a threat, why would their being married change anything?

Would allowing Gays to marry ruin our roads?  I don’t think so. 

What about Gay marriage and mail delivery?  It couldn’t hurt.

If Gays could marry, how would it effect my life…? I don’t see how it would. Government should step away; Gay marriage should be legal and recognized.

I understand, “The Bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”  That is very clever.  If you believe that, then you should worship at a church that does not recognize Gay Marriage.  It is your religious right to believe Gays should not marry.  It is not your right to force this religious point of view on others.

Some religions will not recognize second marriages.  Divorced people cannot marry in their church.  Government recognizes divorce and second marriages.  What is the difference? 

It is a simple matter of separation of Church and State in the exact way the founders meant it to be.  Government should not judge religion; religion should not force rules on government.

If you do not recognize Gay marriage (call it legal state recognized union of two individuals if it makes you happy, it is still marriage) you might as well pass a law making homosexual behavior illegal.  You can, it has been done, it does not change people’s behavior.  I am left handed.  Some religious teaching used to say that was a sign of the devil.  They tied children’s left hands and forced them to use their right hand.   This resulted in people with screwed up minds and horrible hand writing.

Let Gay people marry.  Let them have all the rights of heterosexuals.  Let them go through painful expensive divorces.  Let them live the way God apparently intended.  God made Gay people.  God doesn’t make mistakes; we just do not always understand his creations.

It’s funny that often the same people who want Government to get out of our lives when it comes to owning guns, want Government to regulate Gay people’s relationships.

As Adam says, “You can take Steve from me when you pry him from my cold dead fingers.”

I don’t understand homosexuality.  I also don’t understand calculus, but I know it exists, and neither threaten me.

The preceding has been the opinion of a Cranky Old Man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky


  1. It is indeed funny ... "that often the same people who want Government to get out of our lives when it comes to owning guns, want Government to regulate Gay people’s relationships."

    The same applies to women. It's been my experience with conservatives well, the evangelical conservatives especially, that 'they' want stuff they're afraid of legislated.

    like women and gays and people with different religions other than theirs and cats ~ none of that thinking for yourself business...

  2. If you could hear me I would applaud for what you have said...
    since you can't, I will just say that you have said it very well.

  3. A resounding AMEN from my corner, you said this better than I've ever seen it said, plain and simple truth and common sense!

  4. i'm in agreement - gay people should have the right to be as miserable as straight married folks...


  5. Like so many cultural issues, this one is absurd. Marriage is a religious sacrament and no church should be compelled to bestow this sacrament on people who do not meet the criteria of that church. But the Government is not a religion and should never have authorized marriages in any form. The Government also shouldn't give tax credits and exemptions to some citizens and not others, so the solution is quite simple. The Government should stay out of the marriage business and not authorize ANY marriages. (Leave that to religion.) The Federal Government should only authorize civil unions where every couple is treated the same no matter what their sexual preference.

  6. So many people are opposed to homosexuals because they are promiscuous--why should they be opposed to them marrying & having one loving partner for life?

  7. Well said, Joe. Still, I like very much what Steve said. Marriage is a religious rite, while civil unions are civil matters. Neither religions nor governments should dictate to the other what they must or must not do.

  8. this is one of the most logical posts I have read in a long time. I won't call you names,,,but are you SURE you are a conservative?

  9. "Would allowing Gays to marry ruin our roads? I don’t think so." I'm going to a party tonight, and I WILL find a way to use this sentence at some point during the evening.

  10. Tabor has read my mind and said it for me.

    I will just genuflect and repeat my adoration of the way you think and the way you express your thoughts.

  11. I was always baffled by the logic of some people that if gay people could get married, then churches would be forced to marry them. Churches aren't forced to marry anyone right now, why would gay marriage being legal change that?

  12. Hey! You didn't address the argument that if we allow gay marriage, people will want to marry their pets!

  13. I am absolutely happy with all kinds of homo sapiens as long as they don't mean any harm!

    But dint they get any other word to use for Gays?

    I miss saying "I am gay and happy!" and really just mean that I am truly very happy.

  14. Clearly, with this chorus of resounding agreements, you are preaching to the choir. And very well, I might add. Same-sex marriage is perfectly legal across Canada and has been for the past 8 years. And surprise, surprise.. nary a soul has been affected negatively.


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