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Saturday, June 2, 2012



My recent wordless Wednesday post of an old TV test pattern woke up some distant memories. 

To all my fellow “Old Farts” in bloggyland, do you remember any of this stuff?

Adjusting the “rabbit ears” on the TV only to have the reception turn to snow when you moved back to your seat.

UHF channels.

The entire neighborhood getting excited whenever anyone came home with a new car or a color TV.

Regular home deliveries of Milk, soda, beer, and dry cleaning.

Doctor’s house calls…(happened maybe twice.)

The paper stopper on milk bottles that had a little flip-up tab.  The tab had to be pried open with a butter knife which invariably forced the stopper into the bottle and squirted milk all over the table.

Milk bottles.

Cream on the top of non-homogenized milk.

Your mom talking about remembering the street “lamp lighter” guy.

Playing in the street.

Picking up the phone and having the operator ask “number please.” (Ocean City, New Jersey did not move to direct dial until the 60’s)

Telling the operator the number (four digits) and having her ask, “and how is your grandmother, Joe?”

Seven-cent Good Humor Raspberry-one-stick ice pops.

Paper boy calling out the latest edition, “Get your two star, sports Fi…nal Bulletin.” (Ocean City, New Jersey again)

Turning wire hangers with cardboard inserts from the dry-cleaner into a bow and arrow.

Being called into dinner by mom’s old two pound bell… and everyone knew their mom’s bell.

Catching crawfish in the creek.  (The one running past Aunt Nancy’s house.)

Smoking on an airplane.

Fumbling with a bra fastener….wait….that was last week.

Using a clothespin and a card (baseball or playing) to turn your bicycle into a “motor” cycle

Old stuff question:
What is a church key?

What old stuff do you remember?

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  1. You're just a little older than I am, but I do recall rural Minnesota, my grandparents' phone was a party line. I no longer remember which ring was hers, but she warned me not to ever say anything too personal on the phone as one of the neighbor's would pick up the phone no matter whose call is was and listen in...


  2. I remember leaving money out with the empty milk bottles each evening; and watching with envy as the iceman delivered huge blocks of ice twice weekly to the next door neighbor. Obviously THEY had an icebox...we didn't...sigh.

  3. a church key is bottle opener. Opens a glass bottle or a can of beer...before pop offs.

  4. I had a cigar box full of church keys that I'd collected as a kid ...along with baseball cards. When I went into the Navy all of that "stuff" and my electric train disappeared along with my room.

  5. I remember milk coming in glass bottles and being brought by the milkman in the early hours of the morning.
    I remember having a tv with an aerial that you had to turn about to get the best picture.

    I remember being able to smoke on a plane as well - and I remember smoking on a plane at that!

    Playing in the street - kids still do that around

    The rest though is a little before my time, although not much I don't suppose.

    Lou :-)

  6. I remember :
    The streetlight turning on was your cue to get your butt in the house

  7. I win....I am older than dirt....I remember when the milkman, the breadman and the trashman all had horsedrawn carts.....and yes, there was a lot of horseshit around in those days........