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Friday, June 15, 2012

Are You Prejudiced? - A Cranky re-run

This re-run was requested by my fishing friend, Frog.  If you don't like it...BLAME FROG!!

Are You Prejudiced?

I have been accused by some as being hateful, racist, homophobic, right winged and ignorant.  I deny these charges, but I am probably at least a little prejudiced.  I think everyone is at least a little bit guilty of making choices based unfairly on preconceived irrational stereotypes.  Taking the following test will determine,


1.     You have to pick the winner of a 100 meter dash.  Your choices are:

a.     A white Guy

b.    A black guy

c.     Not enough information to choose.

2.    You have to choose a lawyer to represent you in a slip and fall lawsuit.  Your choices are:

a.     Jesus Lopez

b.    Saul Lipshits

c.     Not enough information to choose.

3.     You need a body guard.  Your choices are

a.     A guy named Bob

b.    A guy named Bubba

c.     Not enough information to choose.

4.    You are having a difficult time with a math problem.  Who do you ask for help?

a.     Debbie Darling

b.    Xaing Chow

c.     Not enough information to choose.

5.    You have a choice on a blind date, you choose:

a.     Mabel

b.    Bambie

c.     Not enough information to choose.

6.    There are two seats open on the bus.  You choose to sit next to:

a.     The teenager with baggy pants and a baseball hat with the brim to the side.

b.    A middle age lady in a business suit.

c.     Not enough information to choose.

7.    Your daughter asks your advice on whether to marry:

a.     A musician

b.    A doctor

c.     Not enough information to choose.

8.    You can choose your son’s profession, you choose:

a.      A hair dresser

b.     A baseball player

c.     Not enough information to choose.

9.    You need to hire a financial advisor.  You choose:

a.     Billy Bob Jackson

b.    Chester A. Thornwacker III

c.     Not enough information to choose.

If you chose (b) in 1-9 you are prejudiced.

If you chose (c) in 1-9 you are in denial.

If you chose (a) in 1-9, You got beat in a race, lost a case, failed at math, your finances took a bath, lost a daughter to drugs, got mugged by a thug, had a date with a hag, and raised a son that may not be heterosexual.

I am guilty as charged.  Are you?


  1. Yes...but...but...these are loaded questions. Here's one for you: Yes or no...Have you stopped beating your wife? ;)


    You have a number for Chester A. Thornwacker III? I could use some advice.

  2. Nah, I want the number of the hairdresser...or even the baseball player if one of them can do something with the mess on my head.

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  4. when the researchers from NIH came to do a study on siblings at my house....these were the same type of questions they asked...the questions were stacked, and seem to only devalue family life by pointing out the struggles siblings have with each the ?s were, "do you ever fight with your brother?' " I refused the rest of study when the ? was , "does your mom sometimes enforce the rules differently for your sibling?"
    still got paid..$150.

  5. I got a Republican questionnaire in the mail (How important are these things to you? questions). The questions were so blatant I saved it to show my rabid republican friend. Then I got a Democratic questionnaire in the mail. The questions were so stacked the other way I was appalled. I threw both away.

  6. I don't think it's possible to live a life without a certain amount of prejudice. Our job is to try and control it and not let it affect our decisions. But this was a fun test.