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Sunday, June 17, 2012



I know it is Father’s Day, but it is also Sunday and this week’s stupid headlines and my even stupider, sophomoric and sometimes offensive comments will not be denied.

UK Prime Minister Cameron leaves 8-year-old daughter in pub – Leader claims, “I for hic got!”

Massachusetts town to vote on $20 fines for cursing in public – What the fuck?  Oh shit..$40? Damn…$60…what the hell?

Penguins' Explicit Sex Acts Shocked Polar Explore – Anyone under 17 going to the Artic must be accompanied by an adult.

KKK road adoption application denied in Georgia – State did not trust clan to take care of  blacktop.

Distant Human Ancestor Had Shark Head – Archeologists find world’s first lawyer.

Egypt: Women Sexually Assaulted at March Against Sexual HarassmentDo NOT march against beheadings in Egypt!

Russian police search protest leaders' apartments – Protesting in Russia is a picnic compared to protesting in Egypt.

Americans say Bush still more to blame than Obama for economy – Americans also credit Clinton for economic boom during first seven years of Bush Presidency, and blame Bush for 9-11, Katrina, flesh eating bacteria, bad cable TV reception and pimples.   I am guessing that Americans don’t like the ex-president.

Liberals increasingly wary of Mormons in office, study show – I have to assume this is in error because I have been told a million times that Liberals are all about inclusion and multi-culturism.
KKK chapter seeks ACLU's help to adopt Georgia highway – Only in America!

Conservative bloggers taking precautions over ‘SWAT-ing’ attacksI like Barack Obama.  I hate capitalism.   I love multi-culturism.   Michael Moore is a cinematic genius.  George Bush is a dope.  We should tax the shit out of all the frickin nasty rich people.  Let people vote first and then ask questions later.  



  1. How can we be sure the world didn't end yesterday? Maybe we need a Congressional committee to investigate this. Just joking.

  2. "...KKK road adoption application denied in Georgia – State did not trust clan to take care of blacktop. ...

    Not a segregated road, I take it! lol!

  3. I love 'em all b ut I think my favorite is the Mass fine for cursing in public.....oh, shitpissfuck.