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Sunday, May 27, 2012




Wrongly accused ex-football star hoping NFL team gives him a shot

OK, this story wrinkles my scalp.  A sixteen year old star high school athlete, destined for a full ride football scholarship at USC who had a legitimate shot at a pro-football career was charged with rape ten years ago.  The accusation was false but the kid pled no contest under the advice of his attorney. 

He did five years and then probation and is a listed sex offender.  The alternative to his plea was probably a life sentence.  As a young black kid his lawyer did not expect a sympathetic jury.  (Possibly not the best defence lawyer the state had to offer.)

Ten years later the accuser contacted him as she was disturbed by a guilty conscience. 


Her accusation has ruined ten years of a young man’s life, robbed him of a college education and probably his dream to be paid for playing a game that he loves.  There is more to this story.

This young lady, who was fifteen at the time of her false accusation, asked for forgiveness but did not want to go to the authorities and clear the kid’s (now a man) name.  Why?  She was afraid she would lose the ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR SETTLEMENT she received from a law suit against the school system for lax security which failed to prevent the rape which never happened.

Fortunately for this young man the story of her false accusation has come out because he taped her confession.

In a legal system which holds perjury as one of the worst possible crimes when a politician or an athlete lies to congress about taking steroids or having sex, I am curious as to how this young false accuser will be treated.

Her lie ruined a young man’s education prospects, probably a lucrative career and stole a precious ten years of his life.  In addition to almost destroying a man, her lies will cast doubts on legitimate rape cases in the future.  She has destroyed a life and might cause the release of future actual rapists to ruin the lives of multiple innocent women.  And for this she is sitting on top of ONE MILLION FIVE HINDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!      

Will she have to give up the money?  Will she do jail time herself for the crime of perjury?                       


Will this innocent young man, whose life has been in shambles because of a teenage girl’s illegal false accusation, once again be in trouble with the law for taping her confession without the perjurer’s consent?

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  1. It is stories like this that completely piss me the f*ck off. She has not only ruined a life but she lied about an awful awful crime a crime that happens to women every few seconds in this country and which is not something to lie about. I am sick to my stomach.

  2. Hate to say this as it may detract from your cause, however, the most damning thing about all of this is the incompetence and week-guttedness of his defence lawyer.

  3. I agree with you JohnD except the defence lawyer may not have been that incompetant. The unfortunate truth may well be that as a young strong black teen there is a good chance a jury might have found him guilty even without any physical evidence.

    That possibility may be just as damning as the false accusation.

  4. Why did she accuse him of rape in the 1st place?

  5. True, why did she accuse him of rape. However, mute point since she confessed to lying. If I were Brian, I'd hire a good lawyer, with a high profile case the lawyer would probably work pro Bono, sue her for defamation, trauma, etc. He wins and she is forced to pay her way above the million plus she was awarded. She goes to jail, gets raped in jail, he gets an offer to write a book, sell it for movie, and a chance to tryout for NFL.


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