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Friday, May 4, 2012



I don’t do book reviews.  I don’t do book reviews because I don’t read books.  Sure I occasionally read a Dean Koontz or a Stephen King story, but nothing to really exercise my mind.  I like James Patterson books whenever I find one that I think he actually wrote and not one that he attaches his name in giant letters above the “WITH” author. 

Why then am I reviewing a real book?  I recently found out I have a cousin whom is a real author.  She has published two NYT best sellers, “King Peggy” is sure to be her third.  My Mother was a “Herman.”  Eleanor Herman is her brother’s daughter.  I would not know Eleanor if I walked into her and yet I feel a certain amount of pride that we share the same grandparents.  Actually her grandmother was my step-grandmother and neither of us ever knew our grandfather.  Close enough.

“King Peggy” is an unlikely story of a Washington DC secretary, a native of Ghana but a naturalized US citizen, who was called upon by her Ghana town to replace her deceased Uncle and become the new King. 

Peggielene accepts and becomes King Peggy.  She does not become the figurehead of a King as the town elders expected, she becomes a real King.  The story is primarily about her great sacrifice in time and money and her amazing toughness and grit in eliminating the town’s corruption and serving her people’s needs.  With the help of friends, family and a church drawn to her unusual story, her faith and her strong personality, King Peggy brings her town clean easily available water, and more importantly hope for a better life.

This book is more than just the story of King Peggy; it also brings insight into a fascinating country, and fascinating people with deep seated customs and traditions.

If you want to learn more about Ghana and its people I recommend “King Peggy,” and if you want to find out how this story ends you have to read the book (my last book report was in 6th grade and that is how all 6th grade book reports end.)

If you are too lazy to read the book, there are negotiations underway to bring “King Peggy” to the silver screen. 

Just in case….read the book.      


  1. Hey, the book sounds fascinating Cranky. Is it (or will it be) available on Kindle)? Your review has hooked me...and I read a whole lot. I shall check our Amazon today...thanks. Smiles - Astrid

  2. Astrid - Amazon only have it in hard cover and audio CD (at present, although, considering that the 'new' price has already been reduced by 33% I'd say its only a matter of time before it goes on Kindle.

  3. I saw a story about King Peggy on the news. Her struggle to bring her people things we take for granted, like clean water, is remarkable.


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