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Thursday, May 17, 2012



I haven’t seen “The Avengers.”  I probably will not see it in the theater.  I am not a huge superhero fan.  I was big on Superman, Batman and Spiderman as a kid and liked those movies as an adult, but I know little of Captain America, Ironman, Thor and The Hulk.

I know something about Ironman from the movie, and I know the Hulk from the old TV show with Lou Ferrigno.  I used to like Aquaman, but he seems to be left out of the superhero resurgence.

The sources of superhero’s abilities are of great importance. 

Superman was born on a planet with different gravitational pull from earth and though born with normal abilities on his planet, on Earth he could defy gravity, had great strength, had x-ray vision and in short was a super man.  Far-fetched?  Yes, but it made for great stories and fantasies.

Batman was strong, but his powers came from his intellect and his wealth which enabled him to have access to “toys” which enhanced his natural abilities.  A stretch? Sure, but possible…kinda.

Spiderman received his abilities from a spider bite.  The bite transferred the amazing abilities of a powerful arachnid to this unassuming human being.  Difficult to believe?  If a spider can do these things, why not a human?  Come on; it’s a comic book.

Ironman, once again was a wealthy man who was able to invent and finance an armored uniform which enabled him to preform super-human feats.  If I bought the Batman premise, I can accept Ironman.

I have a problem with The Hulk.  I get that a gamma bomb explosion gave him great strength when he became agitated and it is a terrific concept for story lines.  What I cannot accept is some of his super abilities.  How does he jump hundreds of yards at super speeds?  Sure he has great strength, but his weight would make leaping more difficult by at least as great a proportion as his newfound strength.  Jumping cannot increase your speed.  Scientific experiments show that running is faster than jumping.

Sure Superman can leap miles and his speed is increased by jumping, but he is from another planet with different gravitational pulls.  Physics goes out the window when you change planets.  Hulk’s abilities defy physics.  In the TV show, Hulk became super strong, but I don’t believe he ever leaped to great heights or at increased speeds. 

Trailers from the Avenger movie show Hulk leaping on an airplane as it flies well above and past him.

Come on now.  That is just absurd!            


  1. Okay, this post reminds me of a scene in one of my favorite movies, Stand By Me:

    a conversation between to twelve year olds:

    Vern: Do you think Mighty Mouse could beat up Superman?
    Teddy: What are you, cracked?
    Vern: Why not? I saw the other day. He was carrying five elephants in one hand!
    Teddy: Boy, you don't know nothing! Mighty Mouse is a cartoon. Superman's a real guy. There's no way a cartoon could beat up a real guy.
    Vern: Yeah, maybe you're right. It'd be a good fight, though.

    (by the way, the Hulk leaping onto an airplane IS completely unrealistic due to his massive bulk. He is too heave to leap like that. He doesn't even have a cape. I mean, to "fly" in any such way requires a cape, right? Everyone knows that.)

  2. Aquaman - the Fallen Super Hero:

    "... In the 1990s Modern Age, Aquaman's character became more serious than in most previous interpretations, with storylines depicting the weight of his role as king of Atlantis. Later accounts reconciled both facets of the character, casting Aquaman as serious and broody, saddled with an ill reputation and struggling to find a true role and purpose beyond his public side as a deposed king and a fallen hero

    Far as The Hulk is concerned, as I am given to remind my dear wife when she is sceptical of events in a movie "You must retain the 'Magic of imagination' and it all makes sense!" Too many adults loose the ability of 'Imaginary World' when they do this 'growing up' thingy! lol.

  3. JohnD, How dare you call me a grow up!


  4. Arr you 'marking time', or, maybe you are 'growing down'? lol!


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